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Is it difficult to accept him?

I thought this love story only happens in movies and television, but I was totally wrong, for at this very moment, the same plot is happening to me—the assertion or fact that your parents don’t like the man you love, and it deeply pains your heart... that you want to shout, scream, and cry because of pain and anger... that you’re placed in the middle wherein you don’t know who to follow—your parents or your man? 

Sometimes I wonder that why among all possible love stories in the world, this one’s what’s given to me. Yet, everyday too, I come to realize that what I have is the same with other few who fought and won many trials in the name of love. Perhaps, I am given the same test to measure how will I weigh my obedience to family and how to address my feelings, for complete happiness and contentment.

This is my first serious relationship, and this man is the most special being that came to my life as he also treats me special and important. Now we’re on our 8th month, eight months of truthful secrecy from people who stand against us. Yes, he is not perfect, so do I. He may have those past negative stories but he’s a changed man now. If you only see his transformation and if you only know him closely, then you too can affirm how almost all things have changed in him now. But it just pains me deeply that even the persons whom I consider as my strength, are not pleased with him... making me feel weak. 

This 8th month of ours, I pray that my family may begin to accept him. All I ask for is their acceptance, support and understanding. I can never find another man like him. I can never find a man who will accept and love me this way. He’s worth more than all precious jewels in this world. He’s exceptionally special to my heart and important to my life. And every day, knowing that this relationship is against the will of many, makes me love him even more. With him, I already envision a future family. He may not be perfect, he may have flaws from the past, but he’s the RIGHT ONE FOR ME. 

This is my story, this is our love story. And we will fight together in the name of love. Lord, whatever the outcome of this relationship may be, I will never lose hope that time will come, they will gonna accept the man I choose, because a heart can’t be dictated. I pray that step by step, they will learn to see how better and changed man he is now. I just love him so much. If loving is a crime, then imprison me now.

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Don’t ask me if I want to be a teacher, now that I’m a licensed one.

Ever since, I don’t have the plan of becoming “one of them”—the educators. I only took this course (or this Certificate in Professional Education) because it was mama’s choice. And again, I accepted the offer because of missing the “student life” especially the receiving of allowance.

Passing the board exam might be a sign that teaching is really intended for me, but I still want to explore—I want to take Accountancy or try an exam in NAPOLCOM and train for police. I don’t want to be a teacher yet because I think, this is really not my craft. As much as and as long as there are still options, I still want to venture to other fields. Hope I can find and pursue other possibilities.

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Journey to LET

Actually, this is already my second course since I had previously acquired a degree in Mass Communication (March 26, 2011 to be exact). Through the encouragement of my mother, on June 2013 (after resigning from three different types of jobs), I enrolled for a Certificate in Professional Education (CPE) at a state university in Cebu and studied for a semester equivalent to 18 units, with classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

The procedure was easy and agreeable—from enrollment to the start of classes. The lectures/lessons were good, fine, and cool—no pressure, no stress, less responsibilities. The professors were as cool as their students. My classmates were best, especially when it comes to fun! 

But the whole sem was not consumed well especially for a student like me who only accepted mama’s offer for further study because of missing the so-called “parent’s allowance.” To recall, I did not attend a single class or subject in June, while good that I attended four weekends in July. In August, I only attended two Saturdays & Sundays. In September, wow, that was a month of complete attendance because it was filled with physical and social activities. In October, the last month of the semester, we only had two weekend classes.

After complying all subject requirements and after getting all supporting documents from previous school to another, came December and second week of the month was the deadline of filing for the teacher’s board exam.

While some were busy preparing for the exam, there was I, busy roaming around, visiting places, hanging out with friends and classmates, or in other words “lakwatsa hanggang sawa”—the usual thing Dora does.

Mama recommended that I enroll in a review center, but I told myself it would be another round of ‘money spending’ and I would rather study or read my own. But instead of reading, still, I spent the rest of my days hanging out some more.

I have an aunt who took a review as she was also set to take the board exam. I sometimes borrowed the book they’re using, but only very seldom because anytime she needs it, I got no other option but to return the material. It’s not mine anyway.

And since my major is English and Literature, we have this book which I spent some time reading. I did not actually read the whole content, only the important ones. My time studying or reading purely depended on the mood/interest and condition of the eye.

Here’s the book I referred to which I’m very much willing to lend to anybody who needs it.

Aside from reading, I also followed the advice of our ‘suki auntie’, a karenderia owner in Tangil Port, Dumanjug (Cebu). She said that it is better to light candles in nine churches or chapels with a petition to ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit during the exam. Hence, I told myself, “Why not try?” So I did!

I really strived to complete that nine thingy. First was the Nuestra Senora del Buensuceso Parish Church in Guihulngan City; then the Miraculous Simala Shrine, Our Lady of Lindogon; third was the The Holy Child Parish in Jimalalud (timely with its Sinulog Festival); fourth was the San Sebastian Parish Church in La Libertad (timely with the town’s Lambigit Festival); fifth was Church of San Antonio de Padua in Sibulan; sixth was the Dumaguete Cathedral Church (St. Catherine of Alexandria); seventh was the Chapel of Sto. Nino in Awaan, Ayungon; eighth was the Basilica del Sto. Nino in Cebu City; and ninth was the Cebu Metropolitan Chapel. With every church or chapel, there complemented my deep faith and prayers.

And came January 26, 2014, the actual date of both terror and excitement. Actually, the day before it, I already checked the room I was assigned to, and this was it!

But on the next day, the room was transferred to “Grade School High School” which instruction was vague. That was why, while others were starting filling-up the forms, then there were us, almost 20 who still searched for a vacant room to be occupied for the exam. It took us more than an hour to find a room at the High School Department. Good that it was still air-conditioned.

And the clock started ticking. It was a whole day exam (for the Secondary Level) divided by three categories—General Education, Professional Education, and the subject of specialization (or major).

That was me before the start of the exam, selfie as usual. See? A vain person, anywhere you take her, self-capturing will never be forgotten.

Thus, to the next board examinees, here are three points I’d like to share with you. First, pray before the start of every type of exam. Second, shade with no second thoughts. Trust your instinct. If you think that that’s the right answer, then go for it! And third, believe in yourself. Believe you can do it. Do not let negative thoughts conquer your mind.

If you ask me, until now it still doesn’t sink in my system that I passed the board exam. With the time frame I studied the course, with the less number of hours spent for reading, with the kind of preparation I had, I’m sure you too can surpass the challenge.

And with this triumph, I’m thanking the Almighty Father, mama & papa, and all who helped pray for me. God bless us all!

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Emotionally secure

Yes, at this very moment I consider myself a ‘”tambay”. I don’t have a job, I’m not earning, I am solely dependent from my parents, etcetera. I just took the board exam for teachers (actually my second course but my first time taking a licensure test) and am on the process of enjoying life, literally, while waiting for the result.

I don’t mind how people critic me—why am not working when I already did finish a degree; why I took another course and why not this one as the first choice in college; and some more judgments. I know in myself that they don’t know the whole story, and I don’t have to explain myself to them. They’re not worth my time and attention because I am busy living the life of a happy-go-lucky young adult and maximizing every second WHILE I’M FREE.

Yes, I may not be financially capable but the thing I am very proud to say is that… I AM EMOTIONALLY STABLE. And this I did not experience the time I was still working and studying.

I never projected that events will turn out this way. When I quit my job, all I yearned for was just to take a break from once hectic student and employed life; that I just wanted to enjoy more. But later on, sudden twists transpired. I had (not to brag) but many suitors. Whaahah! With this boyish actions of mine, so ridiculous! Lol ~_~ 

And much more that after (just) playing around and not taking anything seriously, I will find this one being who not only inspires me, but supplies the love, care, and affection that I’ve been longing for from a man who I’ve waited for years.  

See how amazing His plans are! He gave me the one I’ve long been asking for. He showed me the way to one true love which changed my perspective on taking this relationship seriously as it seldom comes to one’s life. He answered my prayer.

Now, I know I’m in safe hands because of these people surrounding me—my family, friends, and the special one—who all never fail to love, trust, and respect me as an imperfect human being.

For the nth time, I thank you Lord for bringing me into this world and experience how beautiful it is to live on earth. Thank you sooo much Lord! 

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Pee Valentines po!

February 14, 2014 -- this will be the very first Valentines of my life when I can proudly say that I finally have a "formal" boyfriend. Formal because the past relationship (though I also call a boyfriend) did not even last a week. Funny and absurd, but let's call it a nightmare experience! 

First boypren ko pa naman sana, first love affair, pero nauwi sa palpak! Anyways, he's overseas, and this new boyfriend of mine is just steps away from my abode. So hindi zero ang Valentines ko ngayon. And so, amma say…

Happy Valentines Day sa inyong lahat! 

Spread love and stay in love because this makes living and existence more vibrant, colorful, and lively! 

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SFS talking engagement

In line with the 48th Founding Anniversary of my Alma Mater, St. Francis School-La Libertad, I was invited as "sharer" for the first day Novena Mass. Being a sharer means retelling what you have learned when you were still studying at that school and how St. Francis’ teachings influenced you as a person. So here’s the speech I made… 


Good morning to one and all, especially to the School Principal and Director, Fr. Ferdinand Mercado, OFM., Faculty Members who from day one until today, at this very hour, stay—Ma’am Cecilia Domen, Ma’am Gem Timtim, Ma’am Thelma Lim, Ma’am Marivic Celestial, my very good friend and classmate, Sir Michael James Bontigao, Ma’am Jelyn Ego-ogan, Ma’am Mayflor Bacod, Ma’am Charlisle Calundre, Ma’am Jenelyn Bitongga, Ma’am Jerdaniza Bejaza; the School Staff Ma’am  Nora Dupal-ag, Ma’am Evangeline Sapotalo, Ma’am Nympha Berongan, Ma’am Celestina Gepulan, Sir Peter Tejedor (Manong Buboy), Mr. Rafael Ipogon, Mr. Toni Mapait; and to you my fellow Franciscans, a good day!

It’s been a while, quite a while since I spoke on this stage. Let’s say more than six years ago, but the memories are kept and sealed tightly. My task here is to share with you how this institution molded and brought me to who and where I am now… and to share with you how life went on when I was still studying here.

2013, June of that year when I first entered the walls of St. Francis School. Being new to the Franciscan community of course, there was this feeling of fear, shyness, innocence, and curiosity of what life would be once you’re in high school, particularly in this school. I was filled with questions that time, but despite that, what I did was, I instilled in this mind that whatever comes my way and whatever may happen, I’ll continue believing in myself. So that was the start of my Franciscan journey, fully embracing the fact that starting that day, I became part, officially part of this group.

First year as I described it, was filled with interest and excitement… of course, seeing new faces, meeting more friends and inspirations, learning new ideas, experiencing more joys, helping and sharing with others, and most importantly, discovering more of your potentials, more of what you think you can never do. The succeeding years, 2nd year, 3rd year, and 4th year, we were already acquainted with a lot of things about St. Francis, the school rituals and practices, events, the attitudes of our classmates, our teachers’ personalities, some secrets and techniques behind. Also, we became more active and participative in activities, and we became wiser and smarter.

But let me share with you that what I really gained from this school is self-confidence, the trust to one’s own abilities. I came here, feeling like nothing to prove, because just like some of you, I was very shy and silent. But as days progress, and as we stay longer in this place, I have proven that we are molded, our every potential is slowly revealed. And I bet you’re smiling because you’re experiencing it now. And also I realized that there’s no room in this world for shy people. So I let go of all my fears and apprehensions, and jived with the flow.

I am emphasizing on this certain thing because to tell you, St. Francis School has been the best ground for me to discover more of what I think I have. Leadership, character formation, talents such as singing, dancing, acting and hosting, these are just some of the best things that this great institution can influence you if you let it happen in your life. And just imagine how your life would become, and how this will change you for the better especially if shared unselfishly with others.

And to tell you most honestly, I have brought with me these abilities when I entered college and until now.

When I was in high school, even if you ask your computer teacher, Sir Michael (because he’s been my partner in both crimes and good deeds), I must say that I have no regrets at all, because I’ve tried almost everything—leadership being part of the SG. In fact, there was even one summer when we were sent as delegates to the First Franciscan Leadership Summer Camp at Christ the King College in Calbayog City, Samar. There were five of us then and that opportunity was truly one of a kind. Another was public speaking as we were exposed to affairs inside and outside the school, and going to places inviting pupils to enroll at St. Francis. Joining contests inside and outside the campus, performing and entertaining people, reaching out to people especially during Christmas seasons as we serenade the prisoners with Christmas songs, and give them gifts, and to some of our less-fortunate brothers in the hinterlands, and I think that is still practiced until now. Getting along with the society, and many other things that were first experienced when I studied here.

Also, here in St. Francis, character is molded. You’ll get to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie. You’ll get to know where you’re best at. And here, solid friendship is built.

High school is the perfect transition, and the peak of learning and enjoyment. Enjoy and savor every single moment that you’re with your classmates, teachers, schoolmates and special people, ‘cause the things that are happening today will hardly happen tomorrow, especially when each of you already has his/her own priority. It happened to the previous batches, it happens to us, and it will happen to you.

To the graduating students, follow what your heart is telling you. Pursue the course that you really wanted to take, but also, always listen to your elders and be open for other possibilities, ‘cause once you do, will and determination to succeed follows. And if ever you’ll become successful, never turn your back to where you come from. Always look back to your alma mater, to the school ground where you learn to stand up after falling down.

To all of us, the obstacles that we are facing right now are just challenges to test how tough we are. That’s normal because everyone of us is tested, especially when one is maturing. Let us never surrender ‘til we see the glory in the end. And as inculcated in the teachings of St. Francis of Assisi, let us stay humble and always be ready to lend a hand to those who need our help.

Thank you very much for inviting me here, Fr. Ferd and the committee. God bless us all and long live Franciscans! Thank you…

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Fleeting in motion, flipping in decision

To them, I may be snubbing a lot of precious opportunities, but for me, I think I made the right choice... for it deepened my understanding on what really is the core when you’re in other fields, which make it more interesting, more taxing, and more satisfying.

This opening of the new year, I resigned from my previous office, effective January 1. My heart was no more at peace as I often encountered pain from my indirect head of office, during the last few days of 2012. Also, there were less good benefits for contractual employees and to me, personally, a far chance or possibility of getting into permanent position. Besides, I don’t feel the job anymore and I want to look for another adventure... thus, I gave up.  

Actually, on November of 2012, I was offered a position as Administrative Assistant II (for CY 2013) in the Local School Board. It was even me who prepared the names of the employees to be renewed and to be promoted. It was also me who submitted the first copy of the endorsement (signed by the Mayor and by the Committee Chairman) to the HR Department. But on the day after, I realized that if accepting the job would mean having her as my head, then I would rather turn it down. Who I mean as “her” is the old woman who caused so much pain in me, the woman who will I hate forever, the she-wolf in my room.

On the 28th of January this year, I was hired in one of the best Health Care Industry providers. It was supposedly the second break, if I did not reject. There were other final interviews which I preferred not to attend to.  

Then I found this job which would give me the chance to explore places, which is on the top of my list. And this is where I am now. But I knew from the start that I won’t stay here for long, because prior to accepting this, mama already told me about their plan of sending me back to the university grounds to take units in Education, as she and papa badly want me to have a stable job. It’s them who are greatly worried, contrary to my attitude that’s happy-go-lucky and which happiness lies on simple things. 

I want to enjoy. I still want to enjoy this work! Becoming a teacher was never part of my ambition. But apparently, I also realized that I have to get a stable job. Every day, my age is getting older. And I believe, mama and papa are only thinking of what’s best for me. This is for my own good. Yes, they’re right!

I’m supposed to be enrolling now, but because there’s no summer class being offered, then I’ll be taking the program this coming semester.

This resignation marks the third “walk out” I had in my entire labour/employment life. First, if I did not leave teaching, until now, I’m still a Secondary English teacher. Second, if did not quit public service, until now, I’m still a government employee. Lastly, if I will not end this, I’ll still be connected in Sales and Marketing.

I’ll be leaving soon. Hence, I can say that I am a person who got No Permanent Job Address.

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“Dili Tanan”

“Dili Tanan” 
by Dorothy Mae E. Acabo 
(Inspired by the song of Rommel Tuico of the same title)


Dili tanang graduate, employed.
Dili tanang employed, graduate.

Dili tanang Pinoy, suhiran.
Dili tanang suhiran, Pinoy.

Dili tanang buhi, himsog.
Dili tanang himsog, buhi.

Dili tanang pulis, daku’g tiyan.
Dili tanang daku’g tiyan, pulis.

Dili tanang maestra, bright.
Dili tanang bright, maestra.

Dili tanang negosyante, Intsik.
Dili tanang Intsik, negosyante.

Dili tanang abogado, nawu’g kwarta.
Dili tanang nawu’g kwarta, abogado.

Dili tanang doktor, mu.ayo.
Dili tanang mu.ayo, doktor.

Dili tanang sundalo, isog.
Dili tanang isog, sundalo.

Dili tanang Muslim, pirata.
Dili tanang pirata, Muslim.

Dili tanang pulitiko, buaya.
Dili tanang buaya, pulitiko.

Dili tanang engineer, lig-o’g balay.
Dili tanang lig-o’g balay, engineer.

Dili tanang trabaho, sayun.
Dili tanang sayun, trabaho.

Dili tanang tigpatanto, Turko.
Dili tanang Turko, tigpatanto.

Dili tanang abroad, haruhay.
Dili tanang haruhay, abroad.

Dili tanang langyaw, turista.
Dili tanang turista, langyaw.

Dili tanang pari, baydor.
Dili tanang baydor, pari.

Dili tanang driver, sweet lover.
Dili tanang sweet lover, driver.

Dili tanang kusinero, limpyo.
Dili tanang limpyo, kusinero.

Dili tanang maid, kawatan.
Dili tanang kawatan, maid.

Dili tanang seaman, loyal.
Dili tanang loyal, seaman.

Dili tanang piniriso, kriminal.
Dili tanang kriminal, piniriso.

Dili tanang salesman, puro atik.
Dili tanang puro atik, salesman.

Dili tanang bouncer, barako.
Dili tanang barako, bouncer.

Dili tanang tindero, sweto.
Dili tanang sweto, tindero.

Dili tanang haciendero, yutaan.
Dili tanang yutaan, haciendero.

Dili tanang DH, pobre.
Dili tanang pobre, DH.


Dili tanang relasyon, lig-on.
Dili tanang lig-on, relasyon.

Dili tanang mag-asawa, magdugay.
Dili tanang magdugay, mag-asawa.

Dili tanang buntis, malipayon.
Dili tanang malipayon, buntis.

Dili tanang laki, gituli.
Dili tanang gituli, laki.

Dili tanang baye, huyang.
Dili tanang huyang, baye.

Dili tanang bayot, kwartahan.
Dili tanang kwartahan, bayot.

Dili tanang tigulang, pangag.
Dili tanang pangag, tigulang.

Dili tanang sugarol, limbungan.
Dili tanang limbungan, sugarol.

Dili tanang agalon, abusado.
Dili tanang abusado, agalon.

Dili tanang datu, malipayon.
Dili tanang malipayon, datu.

Dili tanang ilimnon, makahubog.
Dili tanang makahubog, ilimnon.

Dili tanang droga, makadaut.
Dili tanang makadaut, droga.

Dili tanang pasyente, 50-50.
Dili tanang 50-50, pasyente.

Dili tanang tambal, maayo.
Dili tanang maayo, tambal.

Dili tanang bata, cute.
Dili tanang cute, bata.

Dili tanang abnormal, gifted.
Dili tanang gifted, abnormal.

Dili tanang ulay, choosy.
Dili tanang choosy, ulay.

Dili tanang artista, hamis.
Dili tanang hamis, artista.

Dili tanang torpe, ulawon.
Dili tanang ulawon, torpe.

Dili tanang gwapa, humot.
Dili tanang humot, gwapa.
Dili tanang sexy, virgin.
Dili tanang virgin, sexy.

Dili tanang kabit, ilugan.
Dili tanang ilugan, kabit.

Dili tanang edukado, na’y pamatasan.
Dili tanang na’y pamatasan, edukado.

Dili tanang kapre, itom.
Dili tanang itom, kapre.

Dili tanang managsuon, close.
Dili tanang close, managsuon.


Dili tanang frat, bad influence.
Dili tanang bad influence, frat.

Dili tanang squatter, bastos.
Dili tanang bastos, squatter.

Dili tanang maot, hopeless.
Dili tanang hopeless, maot.

Dili tanang beauty queen, tag-as.
Dili tanang tag-as, beauty queen.

Dili tanang joker, funny.
Dili tanang funny, joker.

Dili tanang sosyal, garbosa.
Dili tanang garbosa, sosyal.

Dili tanang mestisa, arti.
Dili tanang arti, mestisa.

Dili tanang sakristan, good boy.
Dili tanang good boy, sakristan.

Dili tanang girl scout, andam.
Dili tanang andam, girl scout.

Dili tanang taga-bukid, badoy.
Dili tanang badoy, taga-bukid.

Dili tanang snatcher, libod-suroy.
Dili tanang libod-suroy, snatcher.

Dili tanang rapist, high.
Dili tanang high, rapist.

Dili tanang tulisan, gipit.
Dili tanang gipit, tulisan.

Dili tanang tambay, kurimaw.
Dili tanang kurimaw, tambay.

Dili tanang sinehan, aircon.
Dili tanang aircon, sinehan.

Dili tanang medyas, loose thread.
Dili tanang loose thread, medyas.

Dili tanang condom, safe.
Dili tanang safe, condom.

Dili tanang kuripot, dalu.
Dili tanang dalu, kuripot.

Dili tanang iro, mamaak.
Dili tanang mamaak, iro.

Dili tanang iring, mangukab.
Dili tanang mangukab, iring.

Dili tanang service, mahalon.
Dili tanang mahalon, service.
Dili tanang estudyante, nagtinarung.
Dili tanang nagtinarung, estudyante.

Dili tanang alien, hydro.
Dili tanang hydro, alien.
Dili tanang tawu, perpekto.­
Dili tanang perpekto, tawu.

... ug tungod niining mga rason, wala kita’y katungod nga mu-husga sa tawu diha-diha dayun.

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Missing the old life

Since the day I cut the knot of being a school learner and started considering myself as a worker, there was never a minute or second (in my life) when I did not miss the old days, the friends I used to be with... when only memories remain, when only photographs are living proofs.

It’s just sad to accept that after the closing of the curtain, we have to separate ways and start finding ourselves in different worlds, most of which, in order to follow our every heart’s desire.

Because each has his/her commitments already (either work, family, or others) and because of distance, meeting or seeing each other again would not be that easy as it was before, when, for only one call or text, everyone gathers.

I miss them—my companions before. Why I’m feeling this loneliness? Because those people have contributed to who I am now. They have made me whole. They have shown me that I’m somehow special and important. They have made me happy. They gave me the best friendship in the world.

This post would not be complete without mentioning the groups that I miss (so much) —my HS Batchmates ’07, my Mass Com family, my TN (The NORSUnian) colleagues, my boardmates before, my LSO (League of Student Organizations) co-officers, my mates in YIFI (Youth of Iglesia Filipina Independiente), and some of my close schoolmates and friends in college, high school and elementary.

I miss how I was (before) when I’m still with them. *sigh*

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Evermore desirous for youthfulness

“As I grow old, my realization about life becomes deeper, problems get bigger, and situations become more complicated, and I know that you are just like me. Sometimes, we wish we could go back to the time when any pain could be healed by just a band-aid and a piece of candy. But the reality is, there’s no turning back in time. Learn from the past, live in the present, and entrust the future to God’s greater plan.”

...goes a text message from a good friend which draws me closer to one of my greatest fears—getting old. When aging comes, bluntly, I will be envious with the new generation... some pristine, some gallant and untamed.

I just realized that every time I wake up in the morning, how I wish I could go back to my childhood and teenage days. I want to be young again, or forever. I want to play... careless, reliant. I really miss those times when my only worries and concerns were... what to play today? Who’ll be my playmates? What bruises may I acquire? Will I stumble or fall? Will I be scolded? Can I hurt other playmates or damage other people’s properties? Those things and other shallow apprehensions.

When I was a grader, the only problem in school was how to answer those assignments, make those projects, when and where to study? But now that I’m not anymore roaming around inside the walls of a school or campus, I plainly see what the world really is, where true combat happens... so I have to fight and take the wheel. I have to play the game that’s entrusted to me... to survive, if not to win.

Squarely, now that I reach this age, problems keep coming, challenges frequently visiting, waves persistently coming to my shore—whether big or small. I will be turning 22, and I know I will not get any younger. I can never be 5 years old, 10, 15, or 18. Whether I like it or not, I have to accept for this is the reality of life.

Once you pass that stage, there’ll be no more turning back, and you have to embrace where you are now. From childhood to adolescent to adulthood to elderly... your age is ascending, so as with the tests that you have to deal with. And you are just like me, we are equal that way.

I’m almost 22, you consider it young? Though I’ve grown-up, but truthfully, I wanted to be a child again. Where art thou “fountain of youth”? (smiling face)  

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…’cause I don’t like you from the start.

Since the day you've interviewed and questioned me why I was able to work in “your” government (because I am not a native of your city), until today, my last day in the office, I still do not like you. That’s why you are not worthy of any closing remarks and best wishes as I walk out of your office, from your nonstop commands and favors. And yes, the last laugh is mine!

Do you know how happy I am? I’m sure you cannot fathom it. This is the day I’ve waited in my entire working life since you assumed as additional head of the office and replaced the original one, the kinder one.
I could still remember when you questioned my daily time record (DTR); told me face to face that I  wasn’t supposed to be at the government (because there are more deserving applicants from your place as evidenced by the piles of application letters and resumes at the HR); when you sought help from a higher ranking employee (whose attitude is the same as yours) about my “reporting” to another office without the Chief Executive Officer’s signature (which then prompted to the final re-assignment of some of the long-serving employees) and me being “scolded” by that high ranking employee ( I have just mentioned) inside her office; the 29th and 30th of July which forced me to create lies and be absent from duty because I don’t want to obey your order (when you asked me to enter the data of all casual and regular employees under one particular department ); the days when you requested me to count how much money is left for the office and determined which activities have been and have not been conducted yet; the time when you asked me to augment the budget to be used as wage for additional office employees; the urgent time when you asked me to prepare the budget proposal for 2013 (which was the most challenging of all, and I thank you for that); when we were together during the budget hearing at one training center; when we were at the height of preparation for the month-long celebration and at the events itself; and more occasions, not to include the almost every day when you ask us to go to your office despite you having two regular assistants already. And speaking of assistants, there was also this one time when you asked me to be your assistant which got a “no comment” response from me.

Since you came to the office, lives have become hell for some, and perhaps, “heaven with a twist” for others. And well, I still did handle and surpass those times when we were together because of one trick—“plastikan” (being fake).

Now, I’m assigned to another office. So bye bye madame!

PS. Don’t worry. The next time we meet, I’ll show you the same trick again. Haha! Evil laugh…

Peace of Advice: ‘Wag kang masyadong “feeling” sa posisyon mo. Baka kunin yan sa’yo ni Lord. At ‘wag masyadong bossy. Yang mga tao sa paligid mo, hindi mo sila maid.

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Poem: "Garbage/Basura"


Garbage is my name and destiny,
    after I am done of my purpose that used to be

Anywhere I am scattered indiscriminately,
    in vacant places, street, corners, canals, rivers and seas.

Restless like criminal at large in the country,
    waiting to be caught, taken, salvaged and thrown away.

But sometimes they made me disappear completely
    by burying or burning me to ashes all the way.

Although my role is like the bad guy in a movie,
    but I can be a hero if they'll make use of me.

Generally I'm considered eyesore and problem of the City,
    but remember the scavengers who make a living out of me.

Excuse me if I smell stinky, very dirty and look ugly,
    but if you can't handle, just dispose of me properly.


Basura ang aking pangalan at hantungan,
    matapos kong magampanan ang aking kagamitan

Ako’y makita n’yong nagkalat kahit saan,
    ma bangkita, kanal, ilog, dagat, eskinita at daan.

Sintulad ng kriminal na nasa lansangan,
    naghihintay na mahuli, damputin at itapon sa kalalagyan.

Usap-usapang parang kontrabida sa pelikula o sine,
    ngunit ako’y pwedeng maging bida kapag gagamitin ng maigi.

Rason na ako’y salot at problema ng bayan,
    ngunit tandaang may mahihirap na ako ang pinagkakabuhayan.

Aaminin kong ako’y mabaho, pangit at marumi,
    kaya kung hindi n’yo kaya, iligpit n’yo akong maayos at mabuti.


Basura ang akong pangalan ug sangputanan,
    human matapos ang akong kapuslanan ug hinungdan

Ako gikatag bisan asa lang inyong makit-am,
    ma bakanting lugar, kadalanan, kanal, sapa ug kadagatan.

Sama sa pinangitang kriminal sa kadaghanan,
    naghulat nga madakpan, hiposon ngadto sa labayanan.

Usahay ako ilang ilubong ug dauban,
   aron madugta, maabo ug mawala sa ilang katuyuan.

Rason nga ako problema ug sagbot sa katilingban,
   apan hinumdumi nga sa pobre ako ilang kapanginabuhian.

Angkunon ko nga ako baho, hugaw ug laksot.
   busa kon di mo kaantos, hiposa ko ug tarong sa way mug-ot.

-Julius Martin R. Angel 
Cebu City, Philippines

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