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Evermore desirous for youthfulness

“As I grow old, my realization about life becomes deeper, problems get bigger, and situations become more complicated, and I know that you are just like me. Sometimes, we wish we could go back to the time when any pain could be healed by just a band-aid and a piece of candy. But the reality is, there’s no turning back in time. Learn from the past, live in the present, and entrust the future to God’s greater plan.”

...goes a text message from a good friend which draws me closer to one of my greatest fears—getting old. When aging comes, bluntly, I will be envious with the new generation... some pristine, some gallant and untamed.

I just realized that every time I wake up in the morning, how I wish I could go back to my childhood and teenage days. I want to be young again, or forever. I want to play... careless, reliant. I really miss those times when my only worries and concerns were... what to play today? Who’ll be my playmates? What bruises may I acquire? Will I stumble or fall? Will I be scolded? Can I hurt other playmates or damage other people’s properties? Those things and other shallow apprehensions.

When I was a grader, the only problem in school was how to answer those assignments, make those projects, when and where to study? But now that I’m not anymore roaming around inside the walls of a school or campus, I plainly see what the world really is, where true combat happens... so I have to fight and take the wheel. I have to play the game that’s entrusted to me... to survive, if not to win.

Squarely, now that I reach this age, problems keep coming, challenges frequently visiting, waves persistently coming to my shore—whether big or small. I will be turning 22, and I know I will not get any younger. I can never be 5 years old, 10, 15, or 18. Whether I like it or not, I have to accept for this is the reality of life.

Once you pass that stage, there’ll be no more turning back, and you have to embrace where you are now. From childhood to adolescent to adulthood to elderly... your age is ascending, so as with the tests that you have to deal with. And you are just like me, we are equal that way.

I’m almost 22, you consider it young? Though I’ve grown-up, but truthfully, I wanted to be a child again. Where art thou “fountain of youth”? (smiling face)  

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