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Missing the old life

Since the day I cut the knot of being a school learner and started considering myself as a worker, there was never a minute or second (in my life) when I did not miss the old days, the friends I used to be with... when only memories remain, when only photographs are living proofs.

It’s just sad to accept that after the closing of the curtain, we have to separate ways and start finding ourselves in different worlds, most of which, in order to follow our every heart’s desire.

Because each has his/her commitments already (either work, family, or others) and because of distance, meeting or seeing each other again would not be that easy as it was before, when, for only one call or text, everyone gathers.

I miss them—my companions before. Why I’m feeling this loneliness? Because those people have contributed to who I am now. They have made me whole. They have shown me that I’m somehow special and important. They have made me happy. They gave me the best friendship in the world.

This post would not be complete without mentioning the groups that I miss (so much) —my HS Batchmates ’07, my Mass Com family, my TN (The NORSUnian) colleagues, my boardmates before, my LSO (League of Student Organizations) co-officers, my mates in YIFI (Youth of Iglesia Filipina Independiente), and some of my close schoolmates and friends in college, high school and elementary.

I miss how I was (before) when I’m still with them. *sigh*

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