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Emotionally secure

Yes, at this very moment I consider myself a ‘”tambay”. I don’t have a job, I’m not earning, I am solely dependent from my parents, etcetera. I just took the board exam for teachers (actually my second course but my first time taking a licensure test) and am on the process of enjoying life, literally, while waiting for the result.

I don’t mind how people critic me—why am not working when I already did finish a degree; why I took another course and why not this one as the first choice in college; and some more judgments. I know in myself that they don’t know the whole story, and I don’t have to explain myself to them. They’re not worth my time and attention because I am busy living the life of a happy-go-lucky young adult and maximizing every second WHILE I’M FREE.

Yes, I may not be financially capable but the thing I am very proud to say is that… I AM EMOTIONALLY STABLE. And this I did not experience the time I was still working and studying.

I never projected that events will turn out this way. When I quit my job, all I yearned for was just to take a break from once hectic student and employed life; that I just wanted to enjoy more. But later on, sudden twists transpired. I had (not to brag) but many suitors. Whaahah! With this boyish actions of mine, so ridiculous! Lol ~_~ 

And much more that after (just) playing around and not taking anything seriously, I will find this one being who not only inspires me, but supplies the love, care, and affection that I’ve been longing for from a man who I’ve waited for years.  

See how amazing His plans are! He gave me the one I’ve long been asking for. He showed me the way to one true love which changed my perspective on taking this relationship seriously as it seldom comes to one’s life. He answered my prayer.

Now, I know I’m in safe hands because of these people surrounding me—my family, friends, and the special one—who all never fail to love, trust, and respect me as an imperfect human being.

For the nth time, I thank you Lord for bringing me into this world and experience how beautiful it is to live on earth. Thank you sooo much Lord! 

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