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Fleeting in motion, flipping in decision

To them, I may be snubbing a lot of precious opportunities, but for me, I think I made the right choice... for it deepened my understanding on what really is the core when you’re in other fields, which make it more interesting, more taxing, and more satisfying.

This opening of the new year, I resigned from my previous office, effective January 1. My heart was no more at peace as I often encountered pain from my indirect head of office, during the last few days of 2012. Also, there were less good benefits for contractual employees and to me, personally, a far chance or possibility of getting into permanent position. Besides, I don’t feel the job anymore and I want to look for another adventure... thus, I gave up.  

Actually, on November of 2012, I was offered a position as Administrative Assistant II (for CY 2013) in the Local School Board. It was even me who prepared the names of the employees to be renewed and to be promoted. It was also me who submitted the first copy of the endorsement (signed by the Mayor and by the Committee Chairman) to the HR Department. But on the day after, I realized that if accepting the job would mean having her as my head, then I would rather turn it down. Who I mean as “her” is the old woman who caused so much pain in me, the woman who will I hate forever, the she-wolf in my room.

On the 28th of January this year, I was hired in one of the best Health Care Industry providers. It was supposedly the second break, if I did not reject. There were other final interviews which I preferred not to attend to.  

Then I found this job which would give me the chance to explore places, which is on the top of my list. And this is where I am now. But I knew from the start that I won’t stay here for long, because prior to accepting this, mama already told me about their plan of sending me back to the university grounds to take units in Education, as she and papa badly want me to have a stable job. It’s them who are greatly worried, contrary to my attitude that’s happy-go-lucky and which happiness lies on simple things. 

I want to enjoy. I still want to enjoy this work! Becoming a teacher was never part of my ambition. But apparently, I also realized that I have to get a stable job. Every day, my age is getting older. And I believe, mama and papa are only thinking of what’s best for me. This is for my own good. Yes, they’re right!

I’m supposed to be enrolling now, but because there’s no summer class being offered, then I’ll be taking the program this coming semester.

This resignation marks the third “walk out” I had in my entire labour/employment life. First, if I did not leave teaching, until now, I’m still a Secondary English teacher. Second, if did not quit public service, until now, I’m still a government employee. Lastly, if I will not end this, I’ll still be connected in Sales and Marketing.

I’ll be leaving soon. Hence, I can say that I am a person who got No Permanent Job Address.

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1 chikaDORAs:

Jessie Dolia said...

Oh, you can really get better job opportunities Dor.. Just keep going..