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Is it difficult to accept him?

I thought this love story only happens in movies and television, but I was totally wrong, for at this very moment, the same plot is happening to me—the assertion or fact that your parents don’t like the man you love, and it deeply pains your heart... that you want to shout, scream, and cry because of pain and anger... that you’re placed in the middle wherein you don’t know who to follow—your parents or your man? 

Sometimes I wonder that why among all possible love stories in the world, this one’s what’s given to me. Yet, everyday too, I come to realize that what I have is the same with other few who fought and won many trials in the name of love. Perhaps, I am given the same test to measure how will I weigh my obedience to family and how to address my feelings, for complete happiness and contentment.

This is my first serious relationship, and this man is the most special being that came to my life as he also treats me special and important. Now we’re on our 8th month, eight months of truthful secrecy from people who stand against us. Yes, he is not perfect, so do I. He may have those past negative stories but he’s a changed man now. If you only see his transformation and if you only know him closely, then you too can affirm how almost all things have changed in him now. But it just pains me deeply that even the persons whom I consider as my strength, are not pleased with him... making me feel weak. 

This 8th month of ours, I pray that my family may begin to accept him. All I ask for is their acceptance, support and understanding. I can never find another man like him. I can never find a man who will accept and love me this way. He’s worth more than all precious jewels in this world. He’s exceptionally special to my heart and important to my life. And every day, knowing that this relationship is against the will of many, makes me love him even more. With him, I already envision a future family. He may not be perfect, he may have flaws from the past, but he’s the RIGHT ONE FOR ME. 

This is my story, this is our love story. And we will fight together in the name of love. Lord, whatever the outcome of this relationship may be, I will never lose hope that time will come, they will gonna accept the man I choose, because a heart can’t be dictated. I pray that step by step, they will learn to see how better and changed man he is now. I just love him so much. If loving is a crime, then imprison me now.

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2 chikaDORAs:

Orange Pulps ♥ said...

Hala! Sakspan si Mommy Doh! Bi itug-an. hahaha.

But before anything else, hi mommy! :) It's nice to read a post from you once again. And this story is something special. Congratulations on your 8th month. <3 I believe your parents did not like that guy for you because they think he's not gonna do you any good. But since you said that he is a changed man now, then fight for your love story. Ma feel ra man gud pud na nimu if gapaka-martyr ra ka for a person or if the feeling you share is mutually strong and honest. So there! Padayuna ra na mommy kay later on, ma accept ra na sya sa imung family. Just let him continue to strive for your family's approval. And when that time comes na madawat na sya sa imu family completely, pakasal namu. AND DON'T FORGET TO INVITE ME!! hahaha.

Mommy Doh! God bless you. Aja! I miss you. <3

optimistic dora said...

@Orange Pulps:

anak, i miss you too! kmusta nman ang teacher namo? hehe, nhitabu jd lge nako nak. ahak, nganung kanih mn nga love story uy? paagiun mn jd ta'g mga serious challenges, hehe... yes of course nak, i will invite you puhon. pero puhon pnah nak, hehe... no certainty yet, kai mura'g there are still many things to come and happen.

amping nak! God bless always... <3