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Journey to LET

Actually, this is already my second course since I had previously acquired a degree in Mass Communication (March 26, 2011 to be exact). Through the encouragement of my mother, on June 2013 (after resigning from three different types of jobs), I enrolled for a Certificate in Professional Education (CPE) at a state university in Cebu and studied for a semester equivalent to 18 units, with classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

The procedure was easy and agreeable—from enrollment to the start of classes. The lectures/lessons were good, fine, and cool—no pressure, no stress, less responsibilities. The professors were as cool as their students. My classmates were best, especially when it comes to fun! 

But the whole sem was not consumed well especially for a student like me who only accepted mama’s offer for further study because of missing the so-called “parent’s allowance.” To recall, I did not attend a single class or subject in June, while good that I attended four weekends in July. In August, I only attended two Saturdays & Sundays. In September, wow, that was a month of complete attendance because it was filled with physical and social activities. In October, the last month of the semester, we only had two weekend classes.

After complying all subject requirements and after getting all supporting documents from previous school to another, came December and second week of the month was the deadline of filing for the teacher’s board exam.

While some were busy preparing for the exam, there was I, busy roaming around, visiting places, hanging out with friends and classmates, or in other words “lakwatsa hanggang sawa”—the usual thing Dora does.

Mama recommended that I enroll in a review center, but I told myself it would be another round of ‘money spending’ and I would rather study or read my own. But instead of reading, still, I spent the rest of my days hanging out some more.

I have an aunt who took a review as she was also set to take the board exam. I sometimes borrowed the book they’re using, but only very seldom because anytime she needs it, I got no other option but to return the material. It’s not mine anyway.

And since my major is English and Literature, we have this book which I spent some time reading. I did not actually read the whole content, only the important ones. My time studying or reading purely depended on the mood/interest and condition of the eye.

Here’s the book I referred to which I’m very much willing to lend to anybody who needs it.

Aside from reading, I also followed the advice of our ‘suki auntie’, a karenderia owner in Tangil Port, Dumanjug (Cebu). She said that it is better to light candles in nine churches or chapels with a petition to ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit during the exam. Hence, I told myself, “Why not try?” So I did!

I really strived to complete that nine thingy. First was the Nuestra Senora del Buensuceso Parish Church in Guihulngan City; then the Miraculous Simala Shrine, Our Lady of Lindogon; third was the The Holy Child Parish in Jimalalud (timely with its Sinulog Festival); fourth was the San Sebastian Parish Church in La Libertad (timely with the town’s Lambigit Festival); fifth was Church of San Antonio de Padua in Sibulan; sixth was the Dumaguete Cathedral Church (St. Catherine of Alexandria); seventh was the Chapel of Sto. Nino in Awaan, Ayungon; eighth was the Basilica del Sto. Nino in Cebu City; and ninth was the Cebu Metropolitan Chapel. With every church or chapel, there complemented my deep faith and prayers.

And came January 26, 2014, the actual date of both terror and excitement. Actually, the day before it, I already checked the room I was assigned to, and this was it!

But on the next day, the room was transferred to “Grade School High School” which instruction was vague. That was why, while others were starting filling-up the forms, then there were us, almost 20 who still searched for a vacant room to be occupied for the exam. It took us more than an hour to find a room at the High School Department. Good that it was still air-conditioned.

And the clock started ticking. It was a whole day exam (for the Secondary Level) divided by three categories—General Education, Professional Education, and the subject of specialization (or major).

That was me before the start of the exam, selfie as usual. See? A vain person, anywhere you take her, self-capturing will never be forgotten.

Thus, to the next board examinees, here are three points I’d like to share with you. First, pray before the start of every type of exam. Second, shade with no second thoughts. Trust your instinct. If you think that that’s the right answer, then go for it! And third, believe in yourself. Believe you can do it. Do not let negative thoughts conquer your mind.

If you ask me, until now it still doesn’t sink in my system that I passed the board exam. With the time frame I studied the course, with the less number of hours spent for reading, with the kind of preparation I had, I’m sure you too can surpass the challenge.

And with this triumph, I’m thanking the Almighty Father, mama & papa, and all who helped pray for me. God bless us all!

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