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Livelier when at work

I’d love to be working every day. I’d rather be in the office or having field work daily than stay inside the house (or in my auntie’s house) on weekdays or holidays. When I’m at work, I break away from worries and boredom for I’m in a company of busy yet happy people. A day turns out productive when I’m from duty, but when I’m staying in Sanciangko (where I am currently residing in now), I feel like my day ends with no task completed. I just sleep, read, write whatever comes my mind, talk with the neighbors, etc… I don’t think it makes sense, I don’t think I consider it an accomplishment..

In this month, straight two consecutive Mondays were holidays, November 1 also was, and November 30 will be. When I was a student, I love holidays, for it means no class. But now that I’ve already escaped from the walls of a university life, I hate holidays, for it means no pay, I am brought closer to problems, and I feel weak.

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