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Rush or patience over money

The Cebu City financial assistance for senior citizens was started in 2009, during the time of former Mayor Tomas Osmeña. On the next year, from P2, 000, the amount was increased to P4, 000. Now, with the present administration of Mayor Michael L. Rama, it’s still P4, 000.

Cebu City doubles the amount Makati City gives out to its elders. There, they give P2, 000, while here, the government distributes P4, 000 to every elder. Other cities have started expressing their will and interest to adopt the same program—an indication that this program is a role model.

During the State of the City Address (SOCA) of MLR, the mayor stated that the city will make every effort so that the financial assistance will be distributed to the seniors starting the second week of July. I’ve heard from reliable sources that to make the process faster and more convenient for the elders, this time, the distribution will no more be in the city hall, but to every barangay.

But only one question bothers my head—why are senior citizens frequently asking about when the financial assistance be distributed to them, which sounds like rushing to claim the money? Really an attitude! Once you give something to someone, expect that they will ask again for more. “Kung sugdan, magpangita. Kung pirmihon, mag-anad.”

The city is not indebted from the senior citizens, only that the city government is concern about the social and physical welfare of the elders. These persons did not even deposit money for them to have something to claim when they become old, but because they are given big importance, then a big blessing is waiting for them too.

Instead of questioning several times about the financial assistance (which has become the major topic among elders in the city), the senior citizens must be thankful that their significance is still considered and that they are never disregarded by the city.

The elders should be open to the reality that the population of elders in the city is rapidly increasing after hearing that Cebu City is giving out money to elders. Senior citizens from provinces and other cities have transferred residency and acquired positions in the city so they can also avail of the benefits which the city government is giving aside from the financial assistance. Ghost senior citizens are rushing to come in the city.

Because of the ‘almost’ doubled population of elders today, expect delay in the processing and verification of names of the registered senior citizens. So normally, the result is, delay in the distribution of financial assistance.

This is one thing that the senior citizens must consider of. To the elders who are fortunate to receive the financial aid this year, just wait. Anyway, this money will be given to you in a sooner time. The final destination will still be your hands. Patience is still a great virtue.

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Forifer E. Cristobalite said...

A good opinion article for our paper. :P

optimistic dora said...


could be ray, hehehe.. ok ra sad if e-publish ninyu. ahw? hehe...

*^_^* said...

Nice post! Keep it coming!

optimistic dora said...

@ *^_^*:

thank u!

Anonymous said...

I really liked the article, and the very cool blog