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Frequent rain of fire

I’m staying in Cebu City for more than two months now. With the help of our field works (almost everyday), I become familiar with the streets, corners and barangays here, both South and North districts, urban and rural areas.

But with this long stay, I’ve observed that the city is prone to fire accident (sunog). In fact, there were already more than ten (10) fire accidents happening for this month only. To mention some (from June-July), there was this disaster in Sambag I, Mabolo, Tejero, Labangon, Leon Kilat, Punta Princesa and more.

Though I wasn’t able to witness them, but hearing the loud serene of fire trucks for several times in a week, I just sighed and asked “lain na pod?”

I’m sure this will never end here as homes, apartments, boarding houses and buildings in the city are situated very near to each other, that you even find it hard to perceive that it’s already 6 or 7 in the morning.

Hai, so much more with this fire thingy. Let’s continue praying that this tragedy will not happen to us.

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