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One more

To the man who wears white t-shirt with a COURT OF APPEALS print at the back, I want you to know that…


…because of your perfect Filipino complexion which is “moreno” and Indio physique however short (but that’s okay). I think you’re in your 27 or 28 now.

I wish to see you everyday as you are assigned in the other department. I remember, I saw you first on a sunny noon, after lunch. Sadly, I didn’t notice that we were eating in the same karinderya that time.

Anyhow, you’re now an addition to my list of crushes since high school. (haha!)

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2 chikaDORAs:

Emoterang Prinsesa said...

bayota ka! hihihi

Got a crush on you jud huh?????

optimistic dora said...

@ Emoterang Princesa

haha, atik2 dra mam! bayota jud ka mam uy, hehehe...