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I never regret the decision I made four days ago—quitting my training and instead joined the YoungLife Summer Camp 2011. After Monday’s orientation (up to the remaining days until I will complete the 20-day training requirement as an outbound agent), I made up my mind on Tuesday noon that “I will not continue with this, I will join the camp.” Therefore, I told my classmate who is at the same time my co-trainee, Sheila that I will leave the hall and will never come back, and will not bid a formal goodbye to my trainers.

I never even told my parents about that decision because I wanted to surprise them regarding my plans after YoungLife camp. But on the second day of the camp, which was timely to my mama’s birthday, she asked through text if how is my job hunting in Cebu doing. So I told her the truth.

Thanks God that I have the kind of parents who are very understanding and respectful to my decisions because they trust me. I’ve been joining in activities without asking their permissions and without them knowing for countless times now, but mama and papa’s trust to me is unfading. That’s why I’m thankful to have them.

The YL SC 11 was actually my second encounter at the grounds of the Trinity Ranch in Compostela, Cebu. The first one was on October 2008 which was three years ago. Dawn, my college friend, invited me to join and with the use of the money that was supposed to be for the boarding payment on the month of November 2008, I was able to join. The honorarium I received after the camp (out of my works at the publication), was the one I replaced for the payment.

I have been to many camps since I was 14. I've reached as far as Samar, Cebu, and to different parts of Negros Oriental attending camps of different organizations. But when I joined the OKKA 2008, I discovered and said, “This is different. This is probably the best…or shall I say the best!”

This is more mature. Yes, this is the best because it's not purely for fun and meeting people, but it is knowing God more and keeping Him closer to our hearts.

I can still recall, the OKKA 08 made me cry. And during the summer camp 2011, I cried again. I cried because through it, I realized so many things about my sinful natured human attitude, my mistakes, my faults, my worldy mindset, my distance from God.

For the two camps that I’ve attended, they (YoungLife People) really make a difference in me. Their stories inspire me; their advices influence me in a positive way.

I know it's hard to express how thankful and grateful I am to these people, but I thank You God for making them instruments of your Word and Goodness. I respect and admire these people, and I owe a big thanks to them. They’re the best!

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