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My big and small best friends

Yes, I hate my dean and the Vice President for Academic Affairs of this school. They hate me, so we hate each other. And why would I insist myself to them when whatever I do, they will never be pleased, they will never be glad. But if I’ve done a small mistake or bigger blunder, then they are very mad, that the best thing to do is to kick me out of the school right at the moment.

I wouldn’t mind them, these self-proclaimed educated, highly respected, perfectionist people. I don’t have to stay closer to them or do whatever will please them because I know what I’m doing, I know how I show and treat people, and I know what I mean and what I want to express when I act even if for them, it is appalling.

But don’t worry ma’am, I still have respect on you, a little respect. And one thing, your misery with me will end soon because few weeks from now, I want to make sure that I will leave your school with no teardrops in the doorstep of your offices. And I still thank you for adding spice to my college life. I also wanted to assure that your names will never be forgotten.

Few weeks from now, you will never be able to see this face again and hear the name, Dorothy Mae Acabo. But I would like to leave a message, or can I suggest? Will you please change a little of your attitude in handling people? But if that’s you, then what can I do. Good luck to others, but just fight. Don’t let them spoil your college life.

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3 chikaDORAs:

^-^LyceL^-^ said...

liting: dis.a ka te du? nanung na-late kah??

te du: [pause] hmmmmm.. natulog.. wahaha :) :) :)

Paul Denver Sy said...

ang heart tak...

optimistic dora said...

@ lycel:
haha, balih ting oh, atoh rnah, hehehe.. duh, deadma ting,. bahala sila. sila'y mag-ugtas nako. :-)

@ pauldo:
haha, btw2 tot! atimanun...