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Every time I read a Nicholas Sparks novel, I fall upon the inspiration of marrying a playwright too. But with the existence of few romantic writers, I think it won’t possibly happen. Even so, as my constant attitude is, I’m optimistic that I will end in his arms, ahw?

I just wanted to marry a writer, author, novelist, dramatist, poet or anyway you call him…

…so he can write my story and spread how wonderful it is especially when I met him
…so all I need to do is only to narrate while he’s putting it in record
…so everyday of our existence is a chronicle that all and sundry can read
…so we’ll produce offspring who can write and can produce book/s too
…so every place we visit and every person we meet will be kept in every heart
…so I will love him more and we will stay in love forever
…so our relationship will have no end

This is just an ambition of a writer’s bride wannabe. But whoever will He give me, I will accept that person and will wholeheartedly provide him the assurance that his life won’t be wasted if he is with me.

I’ll promise to love, trust and respect him as he is to me, so both our hands will write the story of our life as one.

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3 chikaDORAs:

catherine said...

ate do...most romance novelists were those who never experienced love, had divorce, widowed and singles...they can expound love like it's always good.... some even don't have time for their families because they beat deadlines.... a writer's love life is often not good.... so sad... :(

optimistic dora said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
optimistic dora said...

@ catherine:
are u sure kat?
hmmmn, okay rah. if i'll become his wife, ma-change iyang life, hehehe...