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Unending indoor chatting

“We are of the same state of affairs.”

Heading back to Dumaguete, I rode in a van-for-hire (v-hire) and seated in the front seat. It was a cold windy day, so riding in a van is better than riding in an open vehicle like bus.

The woman beside asked if where I am going. I said “to Dumaguete.” That started her non-stop talk. She shared that she was before studying in Foundation University, but when she was 18, she got pregnant. But the good thing is, the man who impregnated her, married her and is currently working as elementary school teacher in mountainous barangay of Tayasan. By the way, the woman’s name is Daisy Samson.

She and her husband are blessed with three kids. Daisy is now studying BS Education in Negros College, Ayungon. When she continued talking, I realized then that she and my mother (way back years ago) have the same experience.

Mama was only 18 years old when she carried me. Papa was a high school teacher that time. Later, Papa supported mama’s education in college so she’ll be able to finish her course, Bachelor in Elementary Education.

Going back to Daisy, her husband just finished Masteral degree in NORSU-Guihulngan while she’s in third year college. Like us, mama is currently taking her Masteral in Moalboal, Cebu.

Daisy’s husband’s first assignment after passing the board exam for teachers was to the farthest elementary school in Tayasan where he needed to pay a fair of P300 (back and forth) and her husband used to return only on Fridays. This situation is very familiar to me since mama, after passing the board, was also assigned to the farthest barangay in La Libertad, in Aya Elementary School where P300 is the back and forth fair riding in a habal-habal.

Since Daisy is studying in Negros College, I remember my auntie, Rose May, who is also studying there, so I ask her about that. I then learn that they’re classmates because Auntie Rose May is also an Education student.

We talked more interesting and non-sense things and I observe that though she’s already 29, but she still has this teenage attitude.

Unfortunately, the vehicle stopped in Tayasan and Daisy and her husband have to drop. That was the end, but the good thing is, when the v-hire stopped in Ayungon, one board mate of mine stepped in the van and that was another round of talking.

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