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This is one of the things I hate the most—being disturbed while you’re in the middle of a peaceful nap.

I slept early last night, 9:58 pm. But, I woke up due to the noise from the outside, from my board mates who were having a drinking session.

My room is separated from the rest. It is situated near the entrance of the compound. In front of it is a vacant space where a table and chairs were placed. It is the area for receiving visitors and for the boarders to get together, talk, laugh, shout, sing, dance, drink, and anything they wanted to.

On that night, while my board mates were laughing out loud outside, enjoying while drinking and joking, there was I, inside the room, irritated. That was why at 11:57 pm,
I was forced to stand up (I want to be specific about the time).

I can no more sleep. It was hard to go back to the sound sleep you had after being bothered by these people who were only thinking of their own pleasure.

I can’t go out and tell them to shut up, because I consider their rights to drink. After all, it is a boarding house for both male and female, so at the first place, I should expect noise in the environment.

If I did that last night—went out and spoke to them frankly or just asked for a little silence, I supposed they would again judge that my “killjoy” approach is occurring. Good that I didn’t do that considering that I would be the only one complaining among the many boarders in that compound.

And you know what time I fell into sleep again? It was already 3:14 at dawn, meaning, the three hours (12midnight-3:00 pm) was a waste.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to do—stand up, sit, or lie… stand up, sit again, lie—while imprisoned in that small spaced room.

So what did I do between these hours? I just arranged my clothes, papers, and other stuffs in the cabinet. Imagine, could you find a normal person who is still awake at dawn and does the arranging of his/her clothes and things inside a room? That’s why I could describe myself as an “addict” that moment.

Finally, I woke up at 7 in the morning, meaning from my rest last day, I only had six hours sleep. It was supposed to be Sunday, a perfect time to rest, to regain the lose energies of the six day-weariness, but the purpose was defeated for I was disturbed. Grrrrhhh…

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