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Was shocked when I have to step on a soggy ground before reaching our house. It was almost 11pm when I arrived in La Libertad for the All Saints and All Souls holidays with my family.

I got shocked for it has only been months since I haven’t returned home. I remember during my last come back, the weather was okay, the path was clean and clear. Wondering why there is already a “little lake” in the middle. That was why, my shoes were soaked, very dirty.

But I was even more surprised when a car parked in front of our “kawayan” fence. I thought it was of our neighbor’s relatives, but when I got in, Papa and Keray were still awake because Uncle Regar and Uncle Onie and his family just arrived from Bogo, Cebu. And I only learned that Uncle Onie just bought his first car. That was the one I saw outside. Wow, he’s been successful with his job, good thing! I hope I can also buy the same someday, even a surplus car will do.

My uncles and everyone from Bogo spent their night inside the house and early morning, went to the mountain.

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