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Kan-anay sa baryo, kinawboy style

This is the spirit of eating!

Of all the eating manners, my most favorite is the “bayanihan” or “kinawboy” style where I have to join with others, with hands’ only definite direction— to two plates, one for the rice/corn, and the other plate is for the viand.

This I can only find in our town and papa was the very first person to introduce me this. He taught me different ways to be closer to people and to adapt some of the practices they have. He taught me not to be “maarte” because this will only lead to nothing. And besides, I’m just one of the common people, one of the many.

Going back to the topic, this “kinawboy” habit usually takes place if there is “sumsuman” where people gather and join in the little fiesta.

I can feel the best of eating when I’m in this practice. It’s nice to be eating with many people where you’re not only swallowing your foods, but you are as well interacting and laughing with people. In other words, you are enjoying while eating.

But if you’re the “finicky” type or “maarte”, you’re not fitted to this. But don’t worry. I assure you that they wash their hands before and after eating.

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