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Turn your back

Today is a “super avoid” day. I’m tired. I want to go home. I miss the closest and most important persons in my life.

I’m not in the mood to talk especially with people older than me. This morning, I saw our publication adviser, I tried to avoid him but I had no escape. I had to pass in front of him in order to enter the office and get my things inside.

Later on, after eating lunch, I saw our requisitioner coming. So what I did was, walked by the other direction, and good that he didn’t notice me.

I’m a self-confessed talkative, but today, every time I met friends, I don’t feel talking, not even smiling at them. And I’m sorry for that. Just this time, understand me.

Another, I don’t want to receive text messages from mama because I will only cry. This noon, while sitting at the CIT lounge, tears almost fall because of the point of her messages—they said they miss me. Ahh, I really don’t want to be emotional.

Please stop it Mama. It will only lead to more of my longing for you and everyone at home.

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