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A search for a frank buddy

While riding in a tricycle going to Highway 10 (a restaurant), I saw a child following his Lola (grandmother). The old woman is usually seen along the pathways of the university selling candies, chewing gums, cigarettes, and biscuits. In other words, she is a vendor.

Prior to it, we bought groceries for the IPR (worth thousands). I realize that while we are spending much on unnecessary stuffs, other people are saving even the last centavo left or gained.

If no one was with me, I would have cried at the time I saw them. But I have to hide my emotion for they might not get the reason why I shed tears.

If I were only rich (very rich), then I will help them with no two minds. I will give them money so they can start their own business, or I could hire them for my company. But, I don’t have one of those. What can I contribute? I can’t even buy a new phone or new pants.

I’m so poor, but how come I can spend more than a hundred a day? Is that how you picture a person who has no money? No, you’re not poor Dora. You are only wastrel that’s why when you have money, you immediately realize that after a day or two, you’re already poor.

I want to give sermon to myself and shout to my face, “Dora, think of other people who are suffering, who can’t even eat once day. And there you are, spending too much!”

Why am I like this? Why can’t I save money? Why do I always fail to think how valuable money is? Why haven’t I realized how my parents get the money that they are sending to me? Why are you like that Dora? Remember, you were not like that before. Look back on your high school days. You didn’t even take your snack during recess time because you didn’t want to buy the expensive foods in the canteen. What’s happening to you now?

Thus I thought, I really need somebody who could scold me, speak to me bluntly that what I’m doing is not right. I want to have someone who could stay with me every hour to reprimand me from over-spending, because I foresee, if I’ll be the only one monitoring myself, there would be no changes.

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