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It was early 10:15 last night when I returned to the boarding house after our tedious yet fun-filled shooting at DYWC radio station and in Tubtubon, Sibulan.

The door of our room was slightly opened, and the light and electric fan were turned on. Strange was, while getting nearer to the doorstep, no voice was heard, even of my roommate’s.

I pushed the door, slowly got in and saw my other board mate (Vernon) lying in my bed. I knew then that he was guarding our room because Maribel (my roommate) had left for Canlaon on the afternoon of that day.

I’m pleased with what he did, but Maribel’s returning to her hometown means that I’ll be alone in the room for a week or two. So I’ll be the lone living being at morning, night, and every hour that I’m inside the room.

Papu will take care of the room every time I'm out

But no, I must not think that way. I am not alone because I have my Papu who never leaves me. So every time I’m not around, Papu will take care of the room and act as a guard.

So while my board mates have started packing-up and returning to their every hometown, until day will come that I’m the only boarder remaining, I should strive to live my week/s to the fullest and enjoy my stay.

Anyway, our semestral break is timely for the weeklong celebration of the Buglasan Festival, so I expect a ‘not so boring’ stay, haha… And besides, we’ll all be busy working for our requirements. That’s life as predicted!

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