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Thank you, Lord

What a nice feeling when after months of being unable to perform the obligation, you’ve finally gone back to church and hear the words of God.

During those months, I even have time for fun, for going anywhere with friends, for doing unnecessary stuffs, but haven’t apportioned even a single hour for Him.
I felt guilty about myself. I was bad, I became unfaithful, I was negligent to my responsibilities to Him. I hate myself for that.

Last night, during the last mass at the Cathedral, I confessed everything to Him. I wasn’t able to control my tears from falling. I know I have sinned, but I’m asking for your forgiveness Father.

And yes, I agree to what the priest had preached—oftentimes, our faith is only enough in words or in the tip of our tongues, but we can’t even show it to others through actions. And sometimes, we only come to God when we are dominated with problems. Definitely true! The priest had shot the heads of people who do this, including me.

I love you God, and I always do. I will strive to visit You once a week, I promise that. Thank you for the life You gave. I told this to the person who was with me last night that if not because of you, I won’t be here.

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