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Go Ralph!

“Once a crush will always be a crush.”

We were in high school that time. He was a 3rd year student of St. Peter the Baptist, while I was a fresh high school enrollee of St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Their room is fronting ours.

I saw him first during a flag ceremony. That was the start of my admiration to him. In fact, he is my first high school crush.

Every time I see him, I’m pleased. The mass every Wednesday enlivens me so I can see him. When it was transferred to other day, then made it twice a week, I was even more alive. During convocations, I’ve always been on the look for his stage performance, expecting if he will do some acting or dancing (because he’s not more on singing). During recess periods, while eating I also glimpsed at him without him knowing. While our class went on, I exited the room hoping to see him, and then got in if he’s not. When he played soccer (on recreations, PE times, Founder’s day), I was his cheerer.

But that was me on high school, and the man I am talking about is the crowned Mr. NORSU-Guihulngan 2011. I knew it when I saw his pictures in Facebook last week.

Next month, he will be competing against the other candidates of the main and external campuses. After six years, I’ll be seeing him again.

I knew him as someone who is humble, kind, and smart, and someone who always flashes a smile in his face. Thus, I'm sure that my admiration to him will stay. He’ll be my bet for the Mr. NORSU 2011 'cause I believe he can do it. I’ll support you Ralph.

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