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Dancing in my dream

Dreamed last night that Mama and Keray (my younger sister) were dancing hip hop. Why did it appear in my imagination? ‘Twas very jokey!

Mama looks like a youngster with her get up. She and Keray were both wearing shades with back-up dancers. You know of a showdown? That’s the same thing they also did.

But I regretted the performance (daw!) because I wasn’t able to take video of that which would not possibly happen again, unless requested. And another is the availability of the back-ups.

I’m still confused until now why I dreamed of that. Maybe, I don’t know that Mama, when she was young, used to also dance this kind of hop, but no problem with Keray because she’s involve in a dance group in our place.

I just can’t get over how Mama appeared on stage with her super “bagets” get up. Lol.

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