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First UNIGAMES involvement

Mama was expecting that I’ll gonna be returning home this October 24 so I can vote for the barangay elections on the next day. But I wasn’t also anticipating that a Sillimanian friend will endorse me to the head of the Media Center (committee) as part of their team for the 2010 Philippine University Games.

Our department chair in Mass Communication didn’t inform us about this. Klein (that’s the Sillimanian I’m talking about) said that we’re supposed to be partner schools in this undertaking.

I believe, many of my coursemates will be joining only if Ma’am Joy told this to us, but she seems lost.

I told him that I’m willing to work, thus like them, I also volunteered as a writer.

Being the lone Norsunian to be joining the Media Force of SU is already a privilege. I’m enjoying my job right now and I’m looking forward for an experience that only few can have because only few are chosen to be part of the UNIGAMES.

Sorry but I’m proud of myself. I love myself.

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