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Past owns it now

“I hate them yesterday, I love them now…again for the nth time”

Anger only lasts for a day. I can attest to that because it is happening to me now.

Yesterday, I was disappointed with my group mates because they failed our shooting. They explained that they waited at the “painitan”, but maybe, they forgot that we agreed to meet at the terminal. Okay, that belongs to history already, I’m now fine.

I also realize that I’m the person who doesn’t hold grudges. And anyway, my anger to them is not a serious one.

But well, I won’t no more think about it. I’m glad that we’re back to normal, to the relationship we had. I’m happy that my classmates never change their attitudes toward me, as I to them. I love my batch mates in Mass Communication.

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2 chikaDORAs:

Unknown said...

it isnt healthy to hold grudges do.. :P and all of us are like that. we hate them now then after a few hours we are best buds again. that's life!

optimistic dora said...

@ mary:
yeah, u'r right marg! the world may turn topsy-turvy, but they're still our classmates, and we love them!