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“If you have a Bible, then you are rich. Today, someone has shared to me his wealth.”

I always say that I am very lucky to have chosen the Provincial Agricultures Office as my agency subject for written report in one of my majors. Since the day I met him, I can attest that Mr. Jacinto Silot, the Assistant Provincial Agriculturist, is a blessing, a fallen angel to those who need his help. He offers his hand openly to everybody who comes to his office.

This afternoon, when I visited him again to ask for more info about the Provincial Agriculture, for lesser burden, he directly gave me a disc containing everything regarding their programs, events, and projects for this year.

Above his table, I saw a thick book covered with yellow. I then ask what it is. He told me that it’s a Bible which he bought for a lesser cost from a religious leader in the city. He said he was looking for someone who he could give the Bible to. I presented my self and said, “I sir.” With no doubts and much asking, he gave me the Bible.

To be honest, it turned my day light. This morning, I was very mad, mad at some people who forgot their promises. But when I held the Bible, I felt the bliss and saw the glow above my head. Plus, when I returned to the office, I noticed that people remain positive despite the problems we are facing these days.

To Mr. Silot, I promise to take care of the Bible sir. Thank you and more blessings to you. To my co-staffers, we can surpass this. This is only a test, and one way of solving it is to stay together, as one family.

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2 chikaDORAs:

DJ Dadz said...

yaw2x yowh? hahaha... pwede sad ni chatbox, hehe...

optimistic dora said...

@ DJ Dadz:

haha, paloh suhiran! bleeeh....