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Game of jacks

After Sir Dx’s birthday bash, I visited my cousin at Locsin Street. As I stayed in his boarding house, I observed these two girls and one male teenager playing jackstone. That was the reason why I sat there for almost an hour. I just watched them and watching them is a piece of happiness to me.

It was eight years ago since I last played this female’s game. Not bragging but I was an expert in this. But now, I can’t anymore recall the terms used in jackstone. I heard them saying “five stars”, “action”, and other terms. Goodness, what are those?

So this means that I need to play jackstone again, but my playmates in elementary are not here. I don’t even know where they are placed now. Anyhow, I’ll just look for new pals to compete with me in playing jackstone. Haha…would you?

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2 chikaDORAs:

Unknown said...

AKO DO! hahaha :)

optimistic dora said...

@ mary:
cge bah marg, hehehe...