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Oh my handsome Jin

Watched “Tekken” two weeks ago, but I can’t get over with the actor of the movie, Jon Foo playing the character of “Jin”.

He’s totally the ideal one, with a perfect body, posture, face, and he’s so appealing. He seems to be unforgettable because aside from his physical looks, he’s also good in taking the lead role in an action film. I think he also does well in drama and romantic movies. And because he’s my latest Hollywood crush, I searched more about him.

Jonathan Patrick Foo or Jon Foo, was born on October 30, 1982, so he’s now 28 years old. He is an English actor, martial artist and stuntman of mixed Chinese and Irish descent.

According to Mr. Wiki, Jon was born in London to a Chinese father from Singapore, and an Irish mother from England. Actually, he grew up in England. His siblings include a little sister and two half-sisters from his father's side. His family constantly relocated as he grew up.

His father practices karate and his mother practices judo. Ohh, they’re really a family of martial artists. Jon started learning kung fu when he was eight years old but he began serious training for wushu when he was 15. He’s currently living in Los Angeles. I’ll visit you there, haha…

Anyways, I love Jin, Jon Foo, and whatever you are called! Forever…

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