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Short of money

“Pagdaginot ug load”—this is what my papa told me this evening when I asked load from them because I’m running out of money. Imagine I can’t even buy my own load. I only have P20 left. Therefore, I need to take back the money that some people borrowed from me. I need it now.

I won’t eat supper tonight because I need to reserve the amount for the next day. I have to wait until mama and papa will send me money tomorrow morning or afternoon at the “Pera Padala” outlet in either of the towns adjacent to ours.

What happens now is not new to me. This is how a life of a student living far from parents runs. This is a suffering that everyone is bound to experience, you may have enough allowance or none because there are unexpected expenses, related or not it may be to your studies. This is the reason why you seek help from friends.

Students away from parents can only be rich on the odd occasion. Some of them survive through the use of “diskarte” and with the “libre” of others. And when you have money, it is inevitable that your friends may also ask your assistance. That’s where your generosity takes its role, but sad to say, some are abusing your kindness.

Some remember their debts while some need to be reminded. But this I assure, as long as I have money, I’m willing to lend a hand. However, I don’t like it when a person neglects to pay especially when he/she senses that the owner needs it, or when he/she realizes that it was days, weeks, or months ago when they borrowed it. That’s all!

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Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you as your information.