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New home, where can I find you?

I’ll be moving to another house soon, but I don’t know where.

Last night, the owner revealed that we better look for new houses where we can transfer as he will transform the boarding house into a lodging house.

If that happens, I’m seeing my self staying in my 7th abode. Starting today, I’ll gonna start doing some “house hunting”.

I am serenely settled in that place, though I seldom stay and sleep there. But due to the many ambiguous, misunderstood, and not well explained policies, and changes in the payment system, the boarders found justifiable reasons to complain, however, the owner’s ego was hurt, saying that he is just doing the this and that for his family, for the boarders, and for the fairness of all. Ahh, okay! If that’s what he wants, then fine.

Haven’t the owner thought that converting the boarding house into a lodging one means smaller income? Anyways, if you can recommend me a safe house near NORSU, or far from it but with less pay and no curfew, please tell me as soon as possible. I need a new dwelling place before this semester ends.

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4 chikaDORAs:

DJ Dadz said...

.. Go na sa lodging house...!! haaahaahahaha...

optimistic dora said...

@ dj dadz: haha, ka-cheapan ng lodging house paloh, hahaha... asa dgwai tah ani ibutang unya...

Unknown said...

pila budget do? :)

optimistic dora said...

@ marga:

kanah rang barato marg, hehehe..