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I admit it, Father. I'm sorry.

This is my mass card when I was in my senior high school year. I studied in an affordable Catholic institution during my secondary, and every student is compelled to attend masses on Sundays, during holy days or saints’ feasts as part of the school’s commandment. Aside from that, he/she is also asked to submit a “reflection” (the following day) about the homily and gospel of the priest or pastor.

Everyone’s faith and religious group is respected, thus, a student is not required to really go to the literal “Catholic” churches.

Before, I regularly attended Sunday masses, but now, well if I can make it once a month. Though I am not present in His place on Sabbath days, but I still lighted candles at the Cathedral. I know it’s not enough, that I am neglecting a day for His name and glory (even if it’s only once a week), but I’m always asking for His forgiveness, especially for that.

More than that, I never did feel away from Him. Only that, I turned out to be lazy visiting the church on Sundays. I became busy with other self-satisfaction stuffs, and sometimes, I forget my responsibilities to Him—a once a week obligation as His daughter.

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Bsta Do, if naa nka time simba jud! :)