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Closing time

Two Saturdays more and I’ll finally end my head aching and heart aching journey in Arabic. Two more weeks and we’ll have our final exam in this Foreign Language. I’ve been praying for this subject to take its closing stage, and it will soon happen.

This is the only subject in college where I transform back to preschool or early elementary years where a child is starting to write the alphabet and numbers, spell simple words, and pronounce common terms.

Studying a foreign language is really hard, especially if you don't like the subject at the first place. Though the instructor is good, but if the student has no interest in it, still, there would be no development how much effort the teacher may exert to convince his/her students that the subject is useful.

In my case, my love for Arabic is only five percent. For the whole semester, I only attend classes for the sake of taking and passing the subject as mandated by our prospectus, not for the sake of learning. But, I still owe big thanks to our Arabic teacher for her patience and kindness in sharing to us what the language is about. I can sense how religious and dedicated she is in conducting a three-hour class every Saturday. That’s the best thing about her, unlike other professors I know in the university.

Now, I can breathe well. I can let go from the chains of this nose bleeding foreign language. The final step for me to do is to study for the final exam—study hard because passing this major subject is hard to attain though I’m confident with my midterm performance.

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