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My HS Salutatory Address

Parents, faculty and staff, fellow graduates, visitors, ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! Welcome to our 39th Commencement Exercises. Graduation day is a very special and significant event in a student’s life. It is justifiably a time for celebration. At last, all the pains and struggle have now come to an end. The fulfillment of the secondary degree is now reached.

This wonderful success will not be achieved without our parents, teachers, all my co-graduates and everybody who nurtured us. This won’t happen without God who made everything possible.

Graduation is a happy occasion, not only for us but for our parents and mentors as well. For us graduates, it is the end of a 4-year academic struggle, and the beginning of a new chapter in our lives, another phase which we know will be full of challenges and difficulties. However, with the help of our mentors who unselfishly shared with us their knowledge and skills, we feel that we are equipped to face those roadblocks to success, and we are confident that we can go through it and make it.

High school education measures our physical, moral, spiritual, and mental abilities, and taught us to have the courage to bear the sacrifices, and completely trained us to have confidence in our ability to face the challenges. High school life had been very supportive of the dreams that we are struggling to achieve.

Fellow graduates, as we strive for excellence and effectiveness, let us never forget to cultivate our human virtues that reflect the life a good Christian Franciscan student should live. Let us never give into a life of compromise by being too lenient with ourselves. Each one of us have lit a candle and become a part of those who were called to shine before men and illuminate the world. May God guide us in our unflinching dedication to serve and help us discover the divine meaning of our success.

To you parents, we are delighted of your presence and concerns which make us recall the concern you bestowed on us for the past 4 years of sacrifices, for molding us into what we are now. We are very proud of you and very thankful for everything you did and spent for us, to achieve this wonderful success in our lives. That’s why, this achievement of ours now, is a tribute to you, our beloved parents.

To the visitors and everybody here, we are greatly delighted of your presence in witnessing our graduation, our great achievement. Therefore, in this afternoon’s occasion, we welcome you all and we are so much delighted of your presence.

Kaninyong among mga ginikanan, mahinangpon kami kayo nga moabi-abi kaninyo. Ang inyong presensya maoy naghatag og kolor ug kahulugan ning kalampusan ug kalipay nga among gisud-ong karon. Nahimuot ug nalipay kami nga ania kamo, ug hinaut pa unta nga ang inyong presenya magahambin sa dakong kalipay sa inyong nakita nga kalampusan sa inyong mga anak. Usbon ko sa pag-ingon, kami nag-abi-abi kaninyong tanan. Welcome to this Commencement Exercises and Congratulations to all my fellow graduates for a job well done!

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