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This was the class prophecy written by our English and Music teacher, Ms. Virginia Calago. I read this during the end of our Baccalaureate Mass at St. Francis School Social Hall on the morning of March 31, 2007.


Good day to everyone and a happy celebration!

It pays to dream dreams and nice to be a dreamer. And I have to tell you my dream looking towards the future 10 to 15 years from now. As the song says, “The future is not ours to see, but I see this in my slumber.”

You know I’m a traveler and it is said that travelling is experiencing, seeing new people, meeting them, knowing them and enjoy with them. Being a Certified Public Accountant and a supervising officer of international banks, I took the plane bound for USA where my main office is. I never thought that the flight stewardess who smiled at me was my classmate. She was Geneflor Maribao who is an international flight stewardess, now a polyglot. Her husband is an international PAL supervisor. With him, Geneflor is gifted with three children—all boys, very handsome ones, like her husband.

I also met Cristy Rose Villasor who is an accountant and married to a big businessman of Germany. According to Cristy, their residence is in Germany since her husband is from there. For ten years of married life, they have no children.

When I return from the USA, I met Jason Rojas in Manila who is the little Mayor of General Santos City. From Manila I visited our office in Bohol and there I met Jean Onlie Salimbagat, a congressman of the first district of Bohol, a lawyer too. He’s married to a Boholana who is the owner of a famous hotel in Tagbilaran.

While waiting for the bus bound for Romblon, I happened to meet Jose Emmanuel Tejedor, a marine engineer who is an oversea worker. He was also in his vacation for two months. He gave me a treat at Jollibee-Bohol.

Thus, I met Eldan Talplacido who is an NCR Regional Director of the Department of Education (DepEd). He told me that he got married to Lovely Rose Gallarde, a neighbor and a classmate of his during high school. He married Lovely being the Secretary of DepEd, working in the same department with him as the regional director. Eldan and Lovely are blessed with two kids—a boy and a girl. They were shopping at the Glorietta Mall when we met with their two kids.

I went back to the USA for another inspection at our main office. I have to be confined in the hospital because I had a terrible stomachache. It was beyond my expectation that the head nurse of St. John Hopkin’s Hospital was Karen Marie Acab. She’s married to a Jewish broker. They’re really rich and they used to recreate at Las Vegas. I told her, “Karen, I never thought it’s you then. Oh my God, the world is just too small.”

From there, I took another flight bound for Cebu. While at the airport, a man was smiling at me. He came closer and grasped my hand. He was then Ariel Bañez who is the manager of Salcon Power Corporation. He told me that Vevelyn Ayong is his wife and Vevelyn is the head nurse of Don Vicente Sotto General Hospital. They have three children—all boys.

I took another flight back to the USA. I stopped at San Miguel Old Mission Sta. Barbara, California, USA. Fortunately, I met a handsome Bishop, a big man and I didn’t recognize him at once. He was Ruther Blitz Bayoneta, the Bishop assigned at the Franciscan Old Mission. As I looked at him, he seemed to be very holy.

From there, I met a very loving couple, holding their two kids—a boy and a girl, shopping at the center mall in California. I was really tempted to go near them but I was hesitant to. We happened to face each other. And it was Isacar Bebero and Rheadin Alvarez with their kids. I had my full admiration to the couple. Rheadin and Isacar are loving couple. I thought of getting married envying them since I’m still a spinster, travelling and travelling. Rheadin told me that she’s a chemical engineer when she got married to Isacar, a lawyer and a legal counsel of the Californian Bankers’ Association. I like their two kids, they’re very energetic.

From the USA, I again return to the Philippines. I stayed in Manila and the following day, I visited the University of Santo Tomas (UST) to see my priest-friends there. At the university, guess who I met. It was John Rey Boganotan, the New Rector of UST with Francisco Bulibuli, his Coadjutor Priest and the Spiritual Director of the seminary. Both of them are priests in the university.

I had an emergency flight back to the US since there was a call from the main office. Inside the plane, I met the couple—Rochelle Jade Billones and Michael James Bontigao II with their only son. He was a handsome boy. Rochelle told me their love story—that they both work in the same school in New York, an American School for Filipinos where Michael is the Dean of the College and she’s the Director-Principal of the same school. Both of them are with Master’s degree from the University of New York.

Boris Bokingkito, a chemical engineer, Argie Dacula, a civil engineer, and Rex Decipolo, a commercial radio telegraph operator are with their wives. Boris whose wife was Anna May Blanco, a chemist, Argie whose wife was Sheila Decipolo, a pharmacist, and Rex whose wife was Methel Jean Camillon, a midwife. The three couples are all New Yorkers, residents of New York.

Jerwin Elumer became a music professor and a famous vocalist of Harvard University. He married Claire Ma. Bella Cabag, the Dean of the College of Nursing in the same university.

Yoshiko Cuevas and Aimee Dionaldo are cloistered nuns with the Poor Clare sisters in San Francisco, California. They’re both happy in the monastery.

Rowen Gabonillo, a mining engineer married Ojean Epogon, a public school teacher. They met at the Philippine Normal University while attending a seminar on mining industry in Cebu. Rowen and Ojean are sympathetic and loving couple.

Oumar Gañolon became the Dean of the Ateneo de Manila and he met Shirleen Kae Ego-ogan at the East Asian Pastoral Institute who Shirleen an ex-nun O’Carm Community was attending a two-week seminar for pastoral apostolate. They’re also a happy couple. Oumar and Shirleen only have two children—all girls.

Albert Gomez, Juverly Laturnas and Stan Francis Obenza are US Navy assigned in different places of the world. Albert married a lady from Finland, the home of beautiful women; Stan married a Hawaiian beauty; while Juverly to a Jewish beauty.

Rodelyn Gabatan happened to be a faculty of Silliman University Divinity School and Jundale Poniador was the energetic pastor of that department. Both of them fell in love with each other so they got married. They’re blessed with 5 children.

Dawn Malabago married an ex-priest who she met at the hospital when they were both confined. Dawn was the nurse and the ex-priest was her patient. They are childless, but they love each other very much as I see in their relationship.

James Alcher Saing is now a big-time businessman, owning many condominiums both in the Philippines and abroad. He married a Spanish mestiza , a former Miss Universe.

Joyliena Gallarde, Lorie Jane Lucban and Merilah Jayme are medical doctors. They work in big and dignified hospitals in America. They join the Medical Mission Society and they travel from place to place, country to country. They’re still single, spinsters like me. We still hope to be liberated from being spinsters. We shall also get married.

This is our class prophecy 10 to 15 years from now.

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