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Better be silent, and listen

“I just stay quiet.”

That’s who I am when I’m in the middle of a gathering, meeting, argue or case settlement and others because I don’t want to mix up with the conversation of different mouths with different tones. I’ll just let you continue talking and don’t mind me because I have my own analysis.

I’m only listening. I’ll let you talk until you’ll get tired. If you still want to, then I’ll give you even the rest of the hours remaining. If you want me to talk or speak to everyone present, I’ll just give my quick and honest point and that’s it, as easy and as fast as that!

I also talk, everyone does. But I speak more openly and confidently to people who I trust and consider as true. I would prefer talking with people I am more comfortable with.

But don’t worry. You’ll always hold the power to talk because that’s where you’re good at.

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