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Desperately waiting

Sh*t, I hate what they’ve shown to me today. I thought 9am sharp, I thought at the Sibulan terminal, but I was waiting hopelessly in that place, yet no one arrived except Rimalyn. Who wouldn’t be angry with that? Don’t they have the discipline to come on the exact time, or if not, 15 to 30 minutes after the scheduled time? Aren’t they thinking that other people might have other things to do aside from that?

No, it’s not easy to stand, sit down, walk…stand again, sit down, walk and look if they arrive. Still, nothing’s change. We’re still the group who never thought of how costly time is. We’re still the group who never thought of the agreed time and place.

I thought we’re seniors now. I thought we’ve grown up. I thought we’ve changed. Yeah, I just thought. We still never learned….or we’re still on the process of incessant learning.

If you think that it’s fine for other people to wait, then think twice. I’m mad, very mad at my groupmates. I’m sorry, just carried by the emotion. I’m only disappointed.

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