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Lazy me

I realized that I’ve been very lazy these days. Like last night, I’m supposed to write my “success story” article for Ma’am Joy’s Communication in an Educational Environment subject, but instead, I did non-related stuffs such as listening to music, facing the mirror, thinking of how to solve the problems I’m facing now, envisioning the vague picture of my future.

On the next thing, I’m still doing the same things, no development of action to finish all the school works.

What am I doing? Am I graduating? Why am I used to the so-called mañana habit?

When I’m fronting the computer to suppose to be doing my other requirements, there I am, if not blogging, then facebooking.

What is happening to me now? This was not me before. Dora, fix your self, worry about nothing.

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2 chikaDORAs:

Unknown said...

uhh, me too do. Im lazier than i have ever been. :(

optimistic dora said...

@ mary:
preha rtah marg, paet! hehe...