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Dedicated to you, Caroline

“I only have 60 percent worry about myself, but my full concern goes to a close co-staffer.”

The institution, since the start of the school year has been troubled—financially, emotionally, mentally. We’ve been into misunderstanding, argue, backbiting each other, and other kinds of such. People’s ego was wounded. They leave, and come back. The toughness and frailty of the hearts was discovered. And thank God that everything is now settled, as everyone accepts the test of open-mindedness.

But the most pressing problem faced is how to get back the missing or stolen important assets of the institution which cost thousands of pesos that none among us can afford to buy, even one.

What happened is a catastrophe, that you are being attacked by a huge storm where your life and properties are at risk.

It’s hard to accuse, but there’s a possibility that the one who took it could be one of us. It could be an “inside job” incident, considering the sensible believable factors. But if it’s not what we are thinking of and rather done by a real thief, then I must say that he’s really an experienced criminal. He planned his pace carefully, or he might be doing several observations prior to the realization of his evil act because it was timely when no one stayed overnight, which is a rare circumstance.

If in case this problem won’t be provided with a solution, there will be many people affected including those who are not supposed to be involved in the issue. They’ll be blamed of a mistake they did not make.

But as I say, my fears are laid to our business manager. She knows it why I am worried about her. She’s been dedicated to her task in the institution since then. She’s a good staffer, an honest friend. I love her. Thus, I don’t desire that her dreams will get ruined because of what is happening to us now.

Ajah Caroline! I’m here beside you. We’re here for you. God never leaves you.

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3 chikaDORAs:

Caroline Casal said...

love you sooooooo much dor...*(:

Unknown said...

mao jud dor. :(

optimistic dora said...

@ caroline

love you cah!

@ marga:

anah jd marg! nangyari na ang di dapat mangyari, kanih mn gong mga kawatan, hehehe...basun ma konsensya,