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News searching experience

I’ve been doing this since first year, but it’s a different thing when you do news legging outside the campus. It’s more exciting and challenging when you search for news articles in public and private departments or offices. It’s a priceless feeling when you interview big names in politics, business, education, environment, health, agriculture, and other sectors.

It was Sir Amarado who introduced us to the real world of news gathering which become very useful to improve our self-confidence and ability to ask questions, deal with different people, and find best topics to write. In this post, allow me to share some of the best interviewees and our most common sources of information.

Former Vice Mayor William Ablong, PENRO Oscar Magallones, Board Member Lea Bromo, PAO Angelina Bondad are some of the bests because they are very approachable, and you could see in their faces that they are willing to share their knowledge, and give their reactions certain matters. While our “suki” sources of facts are CENRO Mario Aragon, PIO Adrian Sedillo, and the City Council office. While once example of a person who has sense of humor when asked is PAG-ASA’s Edsin Culi. There were still many personalities who became part of our every legging, and while were doing it, we also include the segment of discovering new places, in short, “lingaw-lingaw and laag-laag para sulit ang lakad.”

The truth is, I still have many stories to tell about our legging adventures under the heat of the sun, or under the rain, but since I have to do my assignment first, so hopefully by next time, I can write it here. All I can say is…the legging experiences are priceless and could never be bartered with other worldly things.

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