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To the final stage

“During our time, it was love, marriage, and sex. But today, it is love, sex, and marriage”

I quoted this from the University President himself during a symposium on “What’s love got to do with this” last February 19.

I agree with this. At present time, before a man and woman walk into the alley of sacred matrimony, the woman is already carrying with her the child in her womb, because of the evident reason that sex was done earlier than marriage.

It is a usual thing among human beings, maybe because it is today, considered by many as a natural method.

Everybody knows that we can’t stop two persons from doing such act, but the woman should make sure that her partner won’t deny her, if ever the unwanted result will happen…and to the man, he should assure the woman that he will carry and accept the responsibility as legal husband and father.

In short, the two should be committed and be prepared to embrace the consequence of their action by ending up in church and get married.

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Genial brief and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you as your information.