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He left me, he will leave us

To recall, he took summer classes to have advance study of his subjects, but this semester, he withdrew his payment. We’re supposed to be in the same year level, 3rd year, but he stopped to pursue his ambition of becoming an army.

One thing I will never forget about him is when he asked me of how many units are left in my prospectus. He always bragged to me that there are only 20 remaining units left for him to finish college.

Since he’s an ROTC officer in their school, he’s very conscious with his physical appearance. He always asked me about his skin color, hair, and body (if he’s getting fat now or thinner).

Another thing that will also never be erased in mind is the way he calls me “PB”. This is supposed to be my original nickname, but it was changed to different names because of many inventions by our neighbors and relatives. Of all my cousins, he is the only one who calls me that name, all the time.

Now, I have no more cousin to visit in Locsin St, to ask for what mama and papa had sent for me.

By January, he will be heading for Tarlac to start his training, to make his dreams into a reality. He told me that he can only return after two years, as mandated in their constitution.

My cousin who is fond of cooking and experimenting recipes will be leaving the family. I’m sure, the next time I see him, he’ll be more mature and tough. But in character, I know he’ll still be the same Mandy na “chiksboy”, “kuripot”, at panay “nagpapalibre”.

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