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Blame it

We slept at 11pm, two hours later, we found each other uncomfortable. We kept on moving into different positions while separately sleeping in a double-deck bed.

There were these small, evil creatures which alarmed our peaceful sleep. Yes those mosquitoes! That’s why we were forced to wake up.

Nothing happened at 2am, until we decided to go out and buy Mcdo coke float, both our favorite. My companion was not used going out at dawn but I assured her safety.

When we arrived at the store, wow, we were glad to see that Mcdo has no other customers. But the guard told us that they’re already close. Ahai, we thought it’s open 24 hours.

So we just went to Dunkin. The place was peaceful because there were no students staying overnight for their school works.

We talked about some life’s realities, especially topics about love...everything that my roommate went through.

We returned home at 4am, but still nothing's to be blamed than those shit mosquitoes which disturbed our rest.

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