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If only legal

If only killing is legal, I will kill all the people I hate, all my enemies, those who have angered me. They don't deserve to stay on earth if all they can contribute are only headaches and troubles. They're only adding to the many cases here which are difficult to solve. They therefore, don't deserve my help and mercy.

But if you're my true friend, I promise to protect you. If you're one of those I treasure and love most, I will fight against them, and will defend you until my last breath. At least, I die because of people who are worth dying for.

How I wish killing is legal so that no one remains on earth, even me. But I want to make sure, they are the first!

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6 chikaDORAs:

Reagan D said...

have you watched the anime "deathnote"? if you havent try watching it, and youll love the idea of being "kira" (killer) by writing a person's name in a notebook. hehe

Paul Denver Sy said...

chakz... PATAY MAN JUD!!! lubaanay doh...hehehe.... yawards au ka doh.. ayaw 2 emotee oi... my God... hehehe... palit dayun dd2 topgun oh...hehehe.....:)

optimistic dora said...

@ manik_reigun

i will also be kira, soon manik! hehe...i'll make sure wlai mabilin nilah, hehehe...

optimistic dora said...

@ Paul Denver Sy

didto na koh gkan top gun man, ngpa reserve na gne koh...katoh jung mu sapok sa ila, mga litse silah! hehehe...

lea said...

..hi dora..just relax.hehe
You don't have to kill bad people. Don't worry there is what you call KARMA for them.

optimistic dora said...

@ lea

i hope mu abot ang karma nila sayu, para mka realize silah... ahai,