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Suddenly, you fall

This story was narrated to me by papa (in vernacular) last Christmas, and I wrote it to share with you too...

“You can never force somebody to love you unless she feels the same, and realizes that she is learning to love you...”

“You can never force somebody to love you unless she feels the same, and realizes that she is learning to love you…”

The same thing happened to me when once I felt in love with a friend. At our first meeting, she looks very ordinary. She smiled at me first, we knew each others' name, and became friends. Days passed and we became closer.

That was the start of a tighter attachment between the two of us. We cracked jokes with each other; laugh at each others' faults and mistakes. And even closer to what we expected... we ate together, walked together going to the same destination, spank each other, share worries and problems, and of course, talked about our crushes and other admired people.

More than that, we hugged each other, I carried her at my back, and she put powder on my face because she doesn’t want it to look oily. She criticized my clothes, hair style, my choices, and everything, Of course, I also did the same to her, but we’re already used into hearing each others' destructive words and other kinds of foolish acts.

Those were all ordinary actions for us. Nothing, no meaning at all! But people around look us as lovers, but no, not really! I can only say that she is the best girl friend I have.

Since I am from a far place, she too is, I found in her a sister—caring, loving, and very supportive. I don’t know if this is how sisters are, 'cause we are all male in the family. But that doesn't matter as long as, I have a sister in her name and image.

And since she’s already a sister to me, I accompanied her every time she goes back to her boarding house. All my concern is for her to be safe all the time. And whenever she asked help from me, from school projects to money matters, I’m always ready to lend a hand.

But what I truly admired with this girl is the purity of her heart. She told me that among all the boys she knew, I am the best. She doesn’t even go nearer with the other boys. If somebody asked for her phone number, she gave mine. If somebody courts her, she ran and sometimes, boxes the guy if it won’t stop following her. Even if someone would ask her to go out, she reasoned out that I’m her date. I supposed this is the reason why she didn’t have boyfriend at that time yet when she was already 18.

She has a close relationship with her family, she has many friends, and she has the good personality especially her sense of humor that I could not find in other girls. Honestly, what I really liked about this girl is the way she makes me laugh to the fullest because of her jokes.

Aside from this, she is intelligent, talented, has many affiliations, and is naturally simple in beauty. So there’s no doubt that many will gonna like her. But as I’ve known, no one moves her heart.

And since not all remains the same, my sister-like treatment to her also grow. As time went by, from once being a worm, it developed into a butterfly. I don’t know when this all started, but I remember it happened during the Christmas vacation when only texting became our means of communication. I missed her so much at that time that I realized I love her so much that I don’t want to lose her even for one day. I even text “I love u” to her, and she’d also replied “I love u too”.

I understand we are only good for friendship. I can still accept it because she mentioned to me once that she is starting to search for the best man in her life. She even described it to me, and I know it’s not me.

In our longer stay as friends, there was only one time that I saw her crying. But she didn’t share to me the reason behind those tears ... I’m sure it involves her obsession to a guy or shall I say, her one and only crush in the campus.

Before, seeing her sitting, walking, talking and laughing with other guys is okay for me. Now, I can feel jealousy.

But how much I may like to court her, I can’t pursue because we’re from the same religious organization in which one of the rules is the prohibition of special relationships, other than being brothers and sisters in the group.

But though this love may not be allowed, though we can’t be more than friends, I’m still thankful that once, a friend became my sister and secret love. Though her “I love u” to me is just for friendship, my “I love u” for her is special and comes from my heart.

Being friends now is enough for me. Every time I see, touch and smile at her already completes my day. What matters most is the truth that I have her, and she’s special. I’m willing to wait for the time that she will learn to love me more than the way she calls me a friend.

I don't know whom papa is preferring
and what he means when he told me this. But my perception says that maybe, once in his life, this happened to him. But I'm still doubtful because the description do not coincide with his character.

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6 chikaDORAs:

Super Kaloy said...

Ahw...merong ganito?
Na insecure ka Doh sa imu papa or you also have the same affair with your dad today...who's that 'boy' friend Doh? ahw...mugna?!jejeje

Bitaw Doh, korek jud au kah...nah what happened to the story, is it not your mom? Or it's someone else..?

Thrilling naman ang teleserye na' continuation pa?

Author said...

nice story. thanks for sharing.

Bisaya ba ang inistoryahan sa negros?

thanks god bless

optimistic dora said...

@ DJ Rem

abangan mo ang nxt episode sa story jeh! hehe...

chada btw cya, na touch gne koh pg sulti niya nakoh anih...

but i want to clarify, dli q insecure ni papa uy! hehe... nah sad qy ako'ng affair noh, ahw? ahahah...

optimistic dora said...

@ Ilenov

yup, cebuano or bisaya ang dialect namuh dri negros! hehe...

thnx for appreciating d story! God bless u...

D.L. Verzosa said...

“You can never force somebody to love you unless she feels the same, and realizes that she is learning to love you”

this one is so true!!!!

optimistic dora said...

@ Ailee Verzosa

yeah, i agree! true, hehehe... amping,