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A challenge for us

The two weeks we had was a test of cooperation and determination. With what we had experienced as a class, we’ve come to know the real attitudes of everybody—if who are those who really care, those who are willing to help, those who are eager to pass, those who are just accepting done works, and those whose attitudes are difficult to handle.

It was a test of how much willing we are to share our pockets and to spend overnights though some are not used with it, and some are not allowed to stay late because of health problems.

It was like seeing each other everyday, 24 hours, spending time, giving our best, working together for our projects, having delayed meals and sometimes neglected, sleepless nights, no bathing sessions, no returning home.

And with those moments we had, everyone didn’t escape from the eye of "confessions". Yes confessions, that's how we call it. It was a night of telling our disappointments, anger, and hurt feelings with others. I think every group underwent this stage also.

And there, we were able to know each others' negative attitudes, and discovered our other weaknesses.

Nevertheless, we are thankful to each other that we've done two radio news programs, yet, we still need to work for the "stranded" tv news program because of the lack of equipment.

We've been in this course for three years, and we promise to each other that we will finish this together. We hope that God will never lose the rope that will guide us to the best path.

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