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He saved my day

(Though this is not his exact picture, this looks like him already)

Do you know how it feels when you’re down, disappointed, and hopeless, yet a child, a male talkative stranger changed your mood and lightened your day?

The same thing happened to me also. I do not know him actually, I just meet him on the tricycle, but all I remember was, together with his lola and auntie, they were going to Looc.

At his young age, I was mesmerized the way he communicates with adults. He has a very cute personality of making everybody smile. Wow, how I wish to know his name and to see him again.

Before I get off the vehicle, I squeezed the cheek of the boy, a sign of saying “thank you!" He came on perfect timing, when I need someone to bring back the happiness in me.

On my way back to the boarding house, continuous smiles never left my side. Thanks to him, he gave me the reason to end the day smiling.

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