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WE are Franciscans!

Nothing comes better than to see your old classmates and schoolmates again in one big celebration. Yes, it was a grand reunion from batch 1969-2009 of all alumni of St. Francis School- La Libertad, last April 25.

It was actually the first time that the school gathered all La Libertad Franciscans from different parts of the world (chakz!). As I see, they are now successful in their chosen fields, with their families, while those from the new millennium of Franciscans are still studying for their future plans and professions. And we,batch 2007 are one of them—not yet professionals, no commitments yet, are still dependent, premature, still thinking of so much enjoyment that life brings,“isip-laag” and “isip-lingaw”.

To share more during the homecoming... our batch has the poorest banner and the lowest number of alumni participants, “nagmantinar ra me’g t-shirt nga may batch 2006-2007 ang tatak”, while the rest prepared their customized banners and well decorated floats (some even hire bands/combos to make the parade livelier). See? That’s the evidence that when it comes to events like that, we’re really “walang pakialam” as long as, we’ll just show up.

Aside from the absence of banner, we too don’t also have our batch booth and lunch preparations. Almost every table of every batch has their lechons, foods, drinks, and deserts. Since we do not have any (even water), we are thankful that Franciscans are generous people. They shared what they have to us. And since the theme was “Panaghimamat”, I and the rest of my classmates roamed around the venue, met and talked with the older Franciscans.

There were games and raffle draws in the afternoon, and in the evening was an all-out party graced by the “stage-two band”. The event also showcased the talents of Franciscans.

Therefore, we are proud to be Franciscans! And I am glad to say that I belong to a Franciscan family, since both mama and papa are graduates of this school in La Libertad.


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