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I Love Betty La Fea

Ending is always the saddest part in life, in a journey, in a story. And I admit I really hate endings.

When I heard that Betty La Fea is about to end two weeks from now, I became cheerless and sad because of all the teleseryes I watched, it’s the most unique for it’s a combination of different substance—drama, action, comedy, adventure.

At first, I thought this story would just be nothing to me, I mean “what would I get from this non-sense story and ugly character?” But when I started watching a week after this program was officially opened, I was moved and I became interested with Betty’s life.

In fact, I really admire Betty’s character. She remains strong and humble despite criticisms from everybody who are envy with her, because of her intelligence and potentials. Though called as “Ugly Betty”, she never let it a hindrance to experience what it is to be loved by the man of her dreams. I admit that I got jealous with Betty because he found the Armando of her life. I wish all men are like Armando, a kind of person who does not count on the appearance and appeal of a woman, but who gives attention to what a woman really is.

That story has many things to tell and many lessons to offer. It proves that physical appearance never puts a person down; that love is not depicted on the image of two persons but on what they truly feel; that no matter how ugly you think you are, somebody destined for you comes in your most unexpected moment; that intelligence is a lifetime tool; that a person is not measured on her looks, but on her true character; that the family is the shoulder you can always cry on, and never ever leaves you.

Yeah, we are created differently. We have our own talents, skills, attitudes that can never be copied or stolen; that we have our own strengths and weaknesses. Betty has her, Armando has his, Daniela has her, Nicholas has his, everybody has its uniqueness.

These things I mentioned are the reasons why I LOVE BETTY LA FEA! And how I wish, I too will have a Betty La Fea love story…

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6 chikaDORAs:

caroline casal said...

dora ayaw'g kabalaka maabot ra ng armando sa imong lifedungan ra tag hulat dor

optimistic dora said...

mu jd car! soon, i'l find dat aramando, hehe... kung di xah mgpa buta2...

optimistic dora said...

mu jd car! soon, i'l find dat aramando, hehe... kung di xah mgpa buta2...

optimistic dora said...

to caroline:
ikaw pd nya puhon car! ahehe...


ahhh..i guess this is a late comment already..just open ur site now ehhh..hehehe..well u will hav ur own armando da ryt time with da ryt place.

take note: ur beautiful than betty f i were to compare the both of you... nakz.. (gibati pud ka dayun)..hahah

optimistic dora said...

to noriel:

hehe, i see... mas gwapa pa jd qng betty, ahw? hehe... tenkyu noh!