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Idol na kita manong!

I've been living in the city for two years and more now, and with that stay I found who the real people are. They're just ordinary ones, but they are real!

They may be people who are given less attention in the society but I tell you, they are the best! In fact, they should be the ones to be given trophies and be recognized, aside from those "big" personalities in the community.

I only admire people sometimes, but I found of a man... simple, ordinary, but he is different. He is a driver, a driver of pedicab # 0272. I admire him because of his attitude towards students. It's a long story to share what he had done to me. His goodness is rare. I'm proud of this man and I thank him.

If you happen to see him, please send my regards dahil idol ko yang taong yan! iba siya...

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4 chikaDORAs:

caroline casal said...

of course dor,tricycle drivers are admirable persons

I am Bong said...

"It's a long story to share what he had done to me, but I'm proud of this man and I thank him."

oi. don't tell me naa mo'y intimate relationship sa driver? unsay iyang gibuhat nimo do? unsa?

optimistic dora said...

to i am bong!

my GOD KUYA! walah uy, bstah amu ratong business... whahehe, wla! ah, bstaah... muztah na d i?

optimistic dora said...

to caroline!

hehe, of course! ur right car!